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Earth Changes & Ascension Plan for Planet Earth: 2005 – 2013

Creator Son Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon
ATON/Sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadon

An Archive of Messages channelled through Candace Frieze and Jess Anthony and others - www.AbundantHope.Net

01.   18 November 2005: The Many Hats of Christ MICHAEL, Sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadon - Channeled by Candace Frieze

02.   14 November 2006 - Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on Earth's Unique Role

03.   30 December 2006: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - Candace

04.   13 April 2007: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon Confirms Jupiter Sun Event - Jess Anthony

05.   11 October 2007: Esu Sananda describes the "Stasis Process" – Jess Anthony

06.   26 July 2007: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on Taking control of the Planet – Jess Anthony

07.   9 August 2007: Esu/Jesus SANANDA Speaks on Future Events - Jess Anthony

08.   9 September 2007: Esu/Jesus SANANDA speaks on Financial Changes - Jess Anthony


09.   25 September 2007: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on Current Progress into Stasis – Jess Anthony


10.   28 November 2007: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on the Stasis Event – Jess Anthony


11.   24 December 2007: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on the Jupiter Event - Jess Anthony


12.   16 October 2008: Candace, a Channeler of Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon gives a summary of the Stasis & Jupiter Events


13.   15 March 2008: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on the Stasis Event & Jupiter Event – Candace


14.   5 November 2008: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on Future Events - Jess Anthony


15.   21 November 2008: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon – We are Preparing YOUR Way - through Candace


16.   21-22 January 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon's Update on the Stasis Event – Through Candace

17.   February 12, 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - We Have Our Glorious new Baby Sun! – Candace

18.   March 08, 2009: Esu/Jesus SANANDA Speaks on Lucifer, Anu, and Personal Responsibility - Jess Anthony

19.   March 18, 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - Possible early Magnetic Pole Reversal - Candace

20.   22 March 2009: Esu/Jesus SANANDA Comments on the Magnetic Pole Reversal

21.   9 March 2009: Esu Speaks further on Earth Changes - Jess Anthony

22.   30 March 2009: Christ MICHAEL comments on a "Clean Slate" for Earth – Evelyn Kümmerle

23.   10 April 2009: Esu/Jesus: Further Update Regarding the Impending Pole Reversal - Candace


24.   24 May 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon: The Magnetosphere will collapse - through Candace


25.   28 May 2009: Esu [Jesus Christ/Sananda] – An Update on the Magnetosphere - Jess Anthony


28 May 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon: Things are Getting Interesting… - Candace


2 June 2009: Esu/Jesus on Energy Changes and the coming Stasis - Jess Anthony


21 June 2009: Esu - Update on Earth's Progress - Jess Anthony


26 July 2009: Showdown Time - Esu & Christ Michael – Candace


7 August 2009: Esu/Jesus speaks further on the upcoming Stasis Period - Jess Anthony


13 September 2009: Esu/Jesus Comments on the "Conclave" on the Pleiadian Phoenix Mothership - Jess Anthony


13 September 2009: Christ Michael & Monjoronson – "Correcting Time" - Stage 2 – Given to the Northern Colorado Students Team, #110, Loveland, Colorado.


3 October 2009: ESU/Jesus SANANDA update on Stasis and the Evacuation procedure from danger areas - Candace


1 November 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon Update – Candace


26 December 2009: Esu/Jesus SANANDA Speaks on the Coming New World - Jess Anthony


29 December 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon: Jupiter is preparing the unveiling!- Candace


24 January 2010: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on Earth Changes and Man's Responsibility - Jess Anthony


1 February 2010: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on 5 years with AbundantHope - Candace


20 April 2010 - Siraya Speaks on Earth's Unique Place in the Universe - Jess Anthony


3 May 2010: Esu/Jesus SANANDA Update - Jess Anthony


29 October 2010: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on the coming "Stasis Period" - Candace


31 October 2010: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on Christ MICHAEL's Update of the 29th October – Jess Anthony


20 November 2010: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - The Final Time has arrived. The World will turn upside down and inside out - Candace


22 December 2010 – Christ Michael and Jesus/Esu: A Change of Plan. Through Candace


25 December 2010: ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - Achieving a greater Harvest of Souls - through Candace


1 January 2011: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - A Possible Three Months Announcing/Teaching Period - through Candace


15 February 2011: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - Candace


14 March 2011 - Esu/Jesus SANANDA on The Japan Earthquake - thru Eve


24 April 2011 - Esu/Jesus - Easter Update - Thru Jess Anthony


30 May 2011: Esu/Jesus SANANDA talks to Jess Anthony - through Jess Anthony


4 July 2011: CHRIST MICHAEL of Nebadon - Jess Anthony


6 July 2011 - The Creator Source of our Grand Universe Speaks on Closure and Change - Jess Anthony


24 July 2011 - Christ Michael - Jess Anthony


9 August 2011: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - End Times Update - Jess Anthony


23 August 2011: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon Speaks to the USA Specifically - Jess Anthony


19 November 2011: Esu/Jesus SANANDA - Everything is being put on HOLD for the time being - Jess Anthony


6 December 2011: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on the upcoming Stasis Event - Kibo


11 December 2011: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - A further End Times Update - Johann


26 December 2011: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on the forthcoming "Stasis Process" - Jess Anthony


12 January 2012: Lord SIRAYA, Ruler of the Orvonton 7th Super-Universe, Speaks on Man's Role in the Grand Universe - Jess Anthony


23 May 2012: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - The Three Days of Darkness - "An Ascension Wake-up Call for Humanity" - Candace


14 July 2012: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on Removing the "Dark Ones"


The Ascension of Planet Earth on the 21st of December 2012


12 October 2013: CHRIST MICHAEL of Nebadon - The Mass Consciousness of Humanity is now at 51 percent! – through Kibo

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01.  18 November 2005 - The Many Hats of Christ MICHAEL, Sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadon - Channeled by Candace Frieze

Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon: Back during the "First Coming", when I embarked on a joint-incarnation with Jesus/Esu-Sananda, I did indeed experience the sorrow of the peoples of this Planet, very first hand, experientially. When I left that incarnation, on the Cross, I not only took my required rapid Ascension journey, as described in The Urantia Book to sit at the Right Hand of the Father, I stayed in the Central Universe for a time to review what I had observed in person. In my good conscience I could not let this Planet go, nor could I put its care into the hands of another, and delegate the work.

I knew I would return to make right of the wrongs, personally. So we thought, considered, stewed as you do, about the problems and what must be done. We have the ability to draw up scenarios a bit faster and we drew up many. Then we chose from what seemed like the best to choose from. We created in thought, but it was necessary to return and do the work within the realm, in "3D," in life.

So I am here again, in life, in a body on a Command Mothership overhead. We were also going to handle the end of the Galactic Wars, so I did choose to wear the hat of a Commander of a Star Fleet, of a portion of the mighty Ashtar Command. I desired to have this experience also. Creator Sons don't tend to command Star Fleets. And it was a perfect way to handle the situation of my return.

It provided a method of returning but not identifying myself as who I am, thus the "Hatonn" Space Commander image [initially taking on a temporary title as "Commander Hatonn" of the "Phoenix" Motherhship] . We do have to use stealth, in this work. Had I come as Christ Michael, I would have been a far greater threat, and the ruling "Dark Cabal" would have harmed all of you, in a serious way, those who have come to participate with me, and made this much more difficult. Obviously to be born a babe was not going to work, they would have killed most of the Human Race trying to kill me, remember the story of Herod?

I did not plan the "Phoenix Journals" [published as a regular Newsletter in the 1990s to subscribers] before I came, that occurred later. We made the decision to publish many materials as part of the teaching mission. The "Conversation with God" books are an example, by Buddha, through Neale Donald Walsch. There are many other teaching methods of course also.

There was much nonsense going on to confuse the Lightworkers, as you have experienced. The Medical establishment was not doing the right thing either. I chose to write the Phoenix Journals, with the help of others in this project, to get correct teaching about the Khazars [Zionists] out, correct teaching of the political scene behind your backs, correct teaching relating to medicine, science and a huge variety of other topics.

Had I taught as Christ Michael in these works, the first one would have not ever even gotten printed. The disguise was very important. A Space Commander is less threatening to them. They figured, with their hiding of the presence of the "Star People" [E.T.s] from the populace that people would simply not read the books. And that happened to a significant degree.

I experienced the writing of many people who wrote to us, that I was myself the "Antichrist". Some of these were the Dark Ones trying to discredit the works, others people in confusion and unknowing. I was eventually "run out of the country", I stopped the Phoenix Journals, for the protection of you. Times were heating up, in the war against good ole Hatonn. You know that some of the Phoenix Journals were at that time banned.

I will add a comment, that as you journey, you also make known any more unknowns to the Father, through your experiences. And today, even in the dealing with Candace's issues [Founder of the AbundantHope website], intertwined with the games of the CIA, you are all both having what is known by the Father made known to you, and in this extremely rare experiment in the Universes of Space and Time, you are making known to the Father, something that has been unknown, by this very different method of "coming out of a box", by a Creator Son.

You have all agreed to come to the Planet, any one of you reading this, or you are a more experienced Earth Soul, choosing this time to be part of this extremely unusual journey with me. We are all working together, Two or More in My Name, to mend this Planet, and restore through my "Correcting Time", where she ought more to be at this point in her history. We are not only Correcting the Times, through this joint experience, we all are together, even myself, the Creator Son, greatly adding to our combined experience, learning on a bigger learning curve, making known the unknown.

At the conclusion of this mighty project, together we will have made greater progress in our knowledge, our experiential learning than had we adjudicated the Rebellion of Lucifer with massive arrests, and rapidly putting an end to it. I chose to let it to go through to a natural end. Despite that some might disagree with this, to this end, we together are making known the unknown to the Father, and as I look back at my 300 Billion years in this Local Universe of Nebadon as its Creator Son and eventual Full Sovereign, and my theorem I set out to test, I would do it all over again. It is no longer a theorem, it is now known.

Now, that comment having been made, lets return. Some of you in the Teaching Mission have been pondering "Sananda," and wondering if Sananda was the personalized Thought Adjuster that I came to the Planet with. The answer is no, Sananda is an Ascending Son of God, with a long history in Nebadon. He is a "Kumara", a group of Beings originating long ago in Lyra Star System, and who successfully got themselves out of a matrix that had kept them there with "Weapons of Mass Destruction", besides the mind control methods used to control a Planetary People by enslaving Races.

And they did it, without assistance such as Earth is receiving now, and without heavy weaponry. I will not use the time here to teach that, because Sananda is to do that himself, having experienced it personally. Sananda is Immanuel Esu Kumara, originally born of Gabriel and of more recent times, the only son of Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara was Planetary Logos until around 20 years ago, and returned to Venus, where his offices are, and his home, as he became Solar Logos, of your Solar System. He was replaced by Lord Buddha, the same Buddha that came around 500 years before I did, and who is the author of the "Conversation of God" Books, with Neale Donald Walsch.

Now to those of the Christ Michael Global Spiritual Network forum, my incarnation was a double incarnation with Sananda, together we were Joshua (or Yeshua to some) ben Joseph. Now it is true as The Urantia Book describes, that when a Creator Son completes his final Bestowal, he goes alone, without the many that usually accompany assorted Descending Son missions to the Planets, whether Bestowal or Avonal/Magisterial.

Hence, there are many here in support to the Avonal Paradise Son Monjoronson, and the Magisterial Mission. There are also Trinity Teacher Sons on the Planet, who will walk it more later, when the Correcting Time makes it possible for the Trinity Teacher Son Mission to be public. Monjoronson was to have the Magisterial Mission announced by this time, had my Second Coming Event not be delayed.

I desired, in my experience 2000 years ago, to also not only handle my own Bestowal and use it to terminate the Lucifer Rebellion, but to double dip of sorts, and handle also the Anunnaki/Nibiruan influence on the Planet. To understand that situation better, because I had never personally experienced the Galactic Warring problem in Nebadon, I came together with one very highly experienced in this arena, Immanuel Esu Kumara [Jesus/Sananda].

He had quite a few previous incarnations on the Planet; the most notable one was as King David. Be not put back by what is said in Urantia about how the Higher Realms were not particularly pleased with King David. It was a way of protecting his descendants. The King David mission was a great one, and that is why it stood out. Immanuel is a highly experienced warrior my friends, yes Sananda is indeed a warrior!

Now, to those who know me through The Urantia Book, I have been the stand in for the Planetary Prince, Caligastia who was "fired" when I was here. I delegated that to Machiventa Melchizedek, as recorded in Urantia, and according to your current knowledge. Some people think that "Jesus" was Melchizedek, and Adam, and David, and on and on. Not so. Machiventa was Machiventa, one trip bestowing himself to Urantia, and working with Abraham, as is told in The Urantia Book.

Now with the “Second Coming” Event, Sananda Immanuel does become the "Planetary Prince of Urantia". I have a couple of other Ascending Sons in similar positions in my Local Universe of Nebadon, and an Ascending Son also in a position of System Sovereign. These jobs, in my local Universe, do not have to be held by the Descending Sons, and in the Rebellion Worlds, I have learned that the Ascending Sons, with their vast experiential learning, better understand those Worlds that have rebelled. So be it, with Sananda.

Your World has set itself aside, made itself different, decided on a different box, so it can have a different leadership. Lucifer was not all wrong, he thought he had a better way, but his Ego was a huge problem with him, his Ego remained so strong, that at the end, at his trial, he chose to be "uncreated", rather than come out of his box, and try on a different hat.

For the time being, Jesus/Esu Sananda Immanuel has adopted Urantia, Earth Shan, as his home, for his future experiencing as a Planetary Prince. He is one of you, who understands who you are, and what you want, because he has been there and done that. I chose not to squelch the "Lucifer Rebellion", because I created my Universe to be in a different box, rather not in a box, and the sad part is, that Lucifer did not understand that.

In his quest to do his own thing, he created a very limiting box, and this is what is behind the rebellion of Lucifer in the first place. He was not happy with how I ran my Local Universe; he felt his system needed to be more within the box. It needed more rules. He felt with his ideas, he could actually speed up evolution, but instead he set it back. So we now have "The Correcting Time".

Jesus Sananda Immanuel does not desire to remain the Planetary Prince forever, nor should he be. He will, as he stated in one of the messages through Candace, vacate the position when you are all grown up, and elect your own. In the Lucifer Rebellion, this is what some people did want, to run their own affairs, and you know what, all he had to do was ask of me, and present a viable plan, not carry out an insurrection. I am very open to testing a theorem, providing the parameters are well thought out.

Many of you are amongst the "Fallen" Angels. You are now Ascending Sons, because that is what you desired and I gave you that gift. I will not hold you hostage, that is not how I go about my business. I have given this to many in my Realm.

Some "Descending Sons" [of the Paradise and Havona Central Worlds] chose to take an incarnational journey, to experience in various realms, including 3D, to understand their jobs, as "Descending Sons", of raising up the newly created "Ascending Sons" of the lower evolutionary Worlds. Most chose to return again to Planet Earth as Descending Sons, continue the job for which they were originallly created on the higher Paradise Worlds. Some find they do not want to continue in that job description for which they were originally created, and would rather start over again as "Ascending Sons", and this I grant also 100% of the time, if the wish is true and desired, and the long incarnational journey of study understood.

I have occasionally granted it, to those who are simply on their big soapbox, and do not truly understand what they desire. They usually make a mess of things in the process, but they do learn. Some I allow to return to the [Central] Paradise Universal Realms of which the "Descending Sons" originated, others I do not, because they must lie in the bed of errors they made for themselves, and fully experience their error. They thus newly become Ascending Sons, only when they wake up, and attract a "Thought Adjuster/Higher Self" to guide them on a new and correct path back to the Center, that is their only choice.

Now back to that double incarnation with Sananda. I suggested he is a "Warrior". I needed, in my special mission, someone to help. Coming unattended by a Celestial Staff is the rule, but in my unusual case I needed one other, someone who understood this Planet Earth, by his experience on it, and long understanding not only the Planet, but also the invading Anunnaki/Nibiruans of the mobile Planet Nibiru. So we agreed to journey together.

This combined Mission of myself and Sananda is not taught in "The Urantia Book", for our protection from the Dark Forces required of our joint Mission. There was also the failure of the Adam and Eve mission to inject the "Violet DNA" into Earth's peoples. Also the Anunnaki/Nibiruans severely messed with the DNA of Earth's peoples after the Fall of Atlantis, reducing it from 12 strands down to only two strands.

To repair this, I came into the world with DNA from Gabriel, if fact very "high" DNA. The reason The Urantia Book does not cover this, and as a protection tells instead a slightly different story, that is because our "Dark Ones" hunt down those with the higher celestial DNA and exterminate any carriers of it.

I did indeed leave this "Double Incarnation" at the time of the Cross, and Sananda was healed, actually the special 3D body healed, and then Sananda carried the genetics to India where he married and fathered 5 children. He and Mary Magdalene also brought a female child, SaRa [Sarah] into the world, in Europe. Mary Magdalene was the incarnate Lady Nada, Sananda Immanuel's Twin Soul. Mary Magdalene, as well as Mother Mary carried some improved DNA also. The recent novel by Dan Brown, “The DaVinci Code”, discussed and did teaching about preserving the DNA from SaRa, and the conspiracies to kill off the carriers of the Holy DNA.

Since 2000 years ago, many E.T.s have come, bringing in the superior DNA from other Planets, raising up the DNA of this world. The Urantia Book [in 1934] could not discuss this, also it did not mention Reincarnation, because of the need to protect the "Star People" from the Dark Ones whilst they were incarnating on Earth to work for me, as well as bringing some additional DNA along with them. They also, while incarnated repaired some of the existing DNA, and the Karma it carries, taking on the Karma of others and releasing the new patterns into the DNA early in their lives before they were able to reproduce, thus healing the Karma of this Planet in this manner. And now you are aware of this, watching what are called the Indigo/Crystal children being born into the Planet over these past few years.

I am in fact having a "Second Coming Event" through Sananda, and for two reasons; the first as a "Wake Up Call", and helps Christians who are expecting an "Event", often with the "Rapture" as part of it. The other reason is that during the Event, the Earth will be cleansed of the negative thought forms, all Lower Astral Worlds and entities who are up to no good and causing much harm and mischief. The worst and totally uncurable of those may well go into the "Sacred Fire" that uncreates/annihilates them; they shall be no more. 3D Earth will not see this visually. In a way, this is the "Hell Fire", for all Eternity that is taught on Earth, but totally misunderstood. No one will see flames, and it is for a virtual eternity, because if you no longer exist, you can't return here. This is what is called the "Second Death", from which there is no apparent return, but from which elements of of their Soul personality will in fact be recycled to start over again.

I AM a Master Creator Son, and can initiate this, but the final sentence has to be made at the Seventh SuperUniverse level [the Seventh SuperUniverse of "Orvonton" within our Grand Universe]. I do this with great sorrow, but out of necessity. The Race called the "Animus", as has been told of (at are an artificial Race, they do not have the intelligence of the Ascending Sons, and are predatory in nature. They do want a body, but do not want the responsibility of the Ascending Journey. It is time to end their reign of terror.

Those "Negative thought forms" are not real entities, and they can't take the journey. Mankind does not know how to rid themselves of them, so I will do so. Some of the other lower Astral, and negative 4D entities will be removed to the Void Planet. The rest will face extinction of personality. This is the "Adjudication of the Age", and much of this is handled by the Magisterial Creator Son, Monjoronson.

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02.   14 November 2006 - Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on Earth's Unique Role


These Times that are spoken of are troublesome and unpredictable. The "Dark Forces", as you call them, are primed for a last gasp stand off with us/me, and our best efforts to convince them otherwise are to no avail. This will come down to a "show-down", I'm afraid. You ask me why this has to happen since I am God/Creator Son of this Local Universe. It is because I gave you the opportunity to create this resistance to my Will. This is a grand experiment on so many levels you still can't comprehend. The Dark was allowed to take over in this segment of my Local Universe because I and your Cosmic Creator wanted to see how you as the "Explorer/Creator Race" would learn to cope with it. It had never happened before in this type of scenario, and I convinced you all to come here to battle against this reversal of my original intentions.

That is a dichotomy in itself. My intention was not to have the Dark take over, but once it did, I felt that the future of creation would be better served by allowing you to figure out how to deal with this threat. There are no more Creator Sons being created and it is my plan to have the best "Ascending Sons" train here to become worthy new "Creator Sons" of the new Universes at present being formed out in the Gread Void.

You all are exceeding my expectations. The Galaxies throughout the Multiverses are paying close attention to your struggles and your successes. You are learning about situations that are unique, and your solutions are providing vast new archives of information that others can use in similar situations if something of this magnitude happens again. It is unlikely that anything similar will ever take place again, however, because you have explored the parameters in this situation with such depth that there is not much more to be learned from it. That is why I say you are wonderful "Ascending Sons". You have dealt with a particularly troublesome issue and come through the dark with patience and insight. Patience gives you breadth of thought, and insight comes from thinking broadly.

Mother Earth is going ahead with her letting loose with the "Changes". She has withheld her "Earth Changes" for almost too long to help you all get to the point you have reached. Now that you are home again with us, she is free to change as she sees fit. Once again I tell you that these "Changes" are such that the geography of the Earth will change. There is no way the physical embodiment of Mother Earth's consciousness can continue the way it is when she herself is bursting through to a new awareness and understanding of her role in the Ascension process.  She has determined to take you with her, and this in itself is a remarkable decision for her to make. She is being as careful as she can to preserve your comfort zones and the places you are drawn to for your own work.

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03.  30 December 2006: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - Candace

I have never said since the days of the "Phoenix Journals" that Earth would need an Evacuation. Your - that is, Mankind's - progression in awareness and willingness to accept the Light we are shining on you and Earth in ever increasing amounts has made this "Plan" a non-issue at this time. You have proved that you can weather the storms that must inevitably come as Mother Earth Gaia re-shapes herself to make her own guise able to accommodate the Changes she eagerly anticipates. Many of the present inhabitants will not be able to go with her. That is true. Many of the present inhabitants will not be able or willing to adjust to the increasingly higher frequencies of Light and energy that are bombarding Earth from your Sun and from the Central Sun of your System and Universe. The alignment is occurring on a Galactic scale, and the changes that will come from this are incomprehensible to your present understanding. This will be, however, a marvellous and miraculous undertaking that will take Earth with it as the glowing jewel I had always intended her to be. I use the feminine gender because she is the receiver of all the glory and power I wish to send her. She nurtures Man and all that is on her. She is the Mother of all that are connected with her.

This timeframe that everyone bandies about is fluid. It is all contingent on how Man and all the players in this scenario choose to shape the movement towards the "Light and Life" that have been determined to be the outcome. This end result is the outcome that everything is moving towards. There is no one way to get there. There are millions of possible outcomes that can be used as links in the chain of movement towards the final goal of Ascension and realization of your true self and complete purpose. You are here on Earth as a test and an experiment to learn much that others will never have the opportunity to learn. This is a unique situation that will be the breeding ground for many new Creator Sons who will in turn shape other Universes to explore their own ideas of relationship with the Creator Source. That was my purpose in creating Nebadon. I wanted to explore the relationship that Duality proposes. I wanted to see how Beings could be separate from their Source and find their way back.  What a significant progress has been made, although the route here has never been mapped out beforehand.

The time now is for "closure" on the past and a moving into a new phase of your existence. Yet, this shift will not be an instant change. I want to see how you resolve your issues. I want to see how you take our help and create your own methods. I want to see you be Co-creators with me. I have created many of you Ascending Sons, and now I want you to learn to "create" as well. There will be nothing more that I will be able to guide you to. This may take what seems an infinitely long time to you, but it will be only a minute in Eternity.

The method we will use is this: there will be an announcement soon. The Banking debacle is almost resolved. It can go no further. There are no more alternatives. The Government changes are in place and ready to go once the existing Government relinquishes its ill-gotten grasp on control. This scenario has been complicated beyond your wildest imagining, and the results we now have accomplished have been global and complete. The first has become last, because of the delays they have contrived, and America will emerge from its dream of unawareness as the last step in the process.

Once this is accomplished, the door will open to the Galaxy. Visitors from everywhere will come to see what has happened and offer their help in making the changes that must occur on the physical Planet. The Tectonic Plates must stabilise, and volcanic eruptions will take place. We see no purpose at this point in delaying this occurrence. Earth must adjust herself in the way she can. She has accommodated Man longer than she had a right to, and now Man must accommodate her. We will do whatever we can to ameliorate these major upheavals, but there is no way to prevent them. There will be a time of "chaos and disaster", to your way of thinking, before the way is clear for true Ascension to "Light and Love". We will warn you of these events, but there will be many who disregard our warnings. Many will choose to leave Earth. Many will choose to stay to help. This is all determined by your individual life path. I will stress, however, that those who choose to stay will find ways to do so, and the rewards they find will be an accurate compensation for their decision to invest their life purpose in this unfolding

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04.  13 April 2007: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon Confirms Jupiter Sun Event - Jess Anthony

The Announcement period, as you call it, is scheduled at this point to last for two weeks. This should give ample opportunity for people around the globe to become acquainted with the changes we are instituting with your assistance. This presentation will take the form of televised programming that explains the history of your Planet and the new direction you will be taking in resolving many of the obstacles you have placed on Mother Earth in the past.

Once this series of panels is completed, it will be time to prepare for the "Big Sleep" [Stasis Period - suspended animation for all life-forms], as it has come to be called. This will not be an immediate transition, primarily to allow many of those less believing to have a chance to change their opinions. We are planning to illustrate everything that will be going on as part of the television programming. This will not cause chaos, and the results we expect from it are minor cosmetic alterations of Mother Earth's visage. We are projecting this step to occur before the Jupiter ["Ignition"] flaring up as your "Second Sun". We will do everything we know to do to find the most practical way to prepare for this major Earth-changing event.

The new Sun will rearrange the base alignment of the Planet, and will cause the seasons to begin to merge into one restful, calm extension of ever-ripening food. The most dreadful consequences will be for the Pacific Rim. The fault lines and the overlapping Tectonic Plates will cause unbelievable chaos and trouble. The increased Photon energy will indeed play havoc with many of the time frames that will be presented. Many inhabitants can't tolerate the level that will be shining on them. Much of the world is slipping its Tectonic Plates. The Government Changes are scheduled to allow the citizens this modicum of trying to prepare, although nothing like this has ever really been done before.

I spoke of the timeframe for the Solar Occurrence with Jupiter. The timeframe is when Jupiter is behind the Sun in regards to Earth's orbit. This could fall in the period between December 2007 and January 2008. This transforming of the Planet will be aided by our Technicians when it is most covered in relation to Earth. This will protect Earth from the fullest intensity of its flares. This will be a cataclysmic event that will be recorded and preserved in Earth's Archives.

We are expecting to correlate the activities during the "Stasis Period" shortly after the final flyover event during the announcement period. We expect this to take place in May, at this point. This is determined by the progress in implementing the announcement process. It is ready to go. I am waiting for the most powerful time for this to occur. The shifts in commitment and intent are stabilizing, I will say, and they should be at their peak in a number of days.

There is some confusion that has cropped up about the timing of the return of the Members of the Galactic Federation, the Angelic Hosts and the Ascended Masters. There will be a vast array of different types of Spirits and entities that start to make an appearance visibly. However, they have determined that they prefer to have you on Earth raise your level of energy vibration to a dimension that is closer to the one they are most comfortable with in meeting you. They would have to lower their energy embodiment to a level that has some limitations for them if they approached all the way to your current level. This is the reason the "Second Coming" in the traditional sense has been postponed until you have acclimated yourselves to the initial influx of energy after the "Big Sleep" [Stasis Period]. The time I have called the Transition Period is the logical time frame for this to happen. They will be introduced in concept as you undergo the intensive education period after the announcement, and their role in the “Big Sleep” will be described.

The Transition Period will also be a time to familiarise the people with the fact that a wide range of different physical types of Beings exist. People will be intellectually prepared as they are physically re-tuned. This will be happening in increments all during this Transition Period. It will start during the "Big Sleep" and it will continue through the whole time of house cleaning that will occur during the several months before the Jupiter "Nova/Ignition". Their role in protecting Earth and helping to condition the inhabitants will also be outlined in detail. It will actually be more feasible for them to appear visibly at that point to assist with the catastrophes that will ensue from the new Jupiter Sun. Some landings will occur in various places and the concept will become more acceptable to the majority of people.

I see the arrival of the Galactic Forces and the Ascended Masters as happening in stages all during that time, and there will be a grand celebration after we have dealt with the disasters that are looming as a result of the Jupiter transformation.

This transformation has been developing for many years, and we have known its potential for occurring, but we felt that it would happen a little later in your time. The output of new energy from Earth has begun this transformation process sooner than we had predicted. The re-establishing of the Energy Grid around Earth and the every increasing power of your own energy usage has amplified the level of energy in the Solar System and tipped the process in Jupiter to a new level of action.  

Everything in this process of change and initial stages of what will be the "Ascension of Earth" has interacted with everything else. It is a living process, and a change in one area forces a reaction in all the others that are connected with the one that changed. The balance of the energy shown throughout the World indicated that the earlier projections were not happening as predicted, and the decision was made to shift the direction of the change to a more global template. The schedule of when events would occur was also modified to reflect the rates of progress in various sectors of Earth. America was not moving ahead as fast as had been expected, so the decision was made to reverse the order and accomplish the last events first. Everything would be in place and ready to begin operations once the official American strangle-hold on free will choice was circumvented. We keep modifying the order as the facts of a change in the American Government continue to be delayed.

The timing of these events was also impacted to a certain extent by the natural transformations that were going on in other Planets near you. This was all part of grander scheme of "Ascension", and Earth had to tailor the schedule for its change to the larger Solar System picture. The time scale of these events is flexible enough to allow for us to keep delaying the start of the Ascension process to allow as many inhabitants as possible to awaken to the reality they were facing. The more involved the better, and more have returned to my Universal Oneness.

Let's speak of now. The events are ready; the characters are in place or on standby waiting my determination. I am ready to move ahead, but I wait for just a few more variables to be in place that satisfy my concept of a Planet ready to start a shift in its thinking. The Bank deposits are not the triggers some suggest, but their completion will be a stimulus to prevent others from taking over the process they are ultimately financing.

Christ MICHAEL, ATON of Nebadon.

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05.  11 October 2007: Esu Sananda describes the "Stasis Process" – Jess Anthony

Let's speak of the Stasis Event, as you called it. These events will be the beaming of energy rays of a certain frequency towards the Earth that will cause certain frequencies of vibrations to stop their motion. This is not analogous to death, because in death circumstances the energy continues to move. It is reshaped into another form that is not representative of the physical body that it used previously. In this instance, the energy pauses its vibration. The power of the beaming vibration causes the other to mirror or entrain is own vibrational frequency to that of the new frequency. This only synchronises with a certain range of frequencies and these are the ones that pause.  

In terms of your bodies, this is the energy "glue" that holds the parts of the atoms together. This is what is connected to the Universal energy that links Man with his Creative Sun. This energy has intelligence, and it creates the concept of Love that joins waves and pulses of energy into a coherent form. Love is the force that “convinces” random waves of energy to coalesce into a structure and become a unified force that materialises ultimately as a mental idea that takes a physical form.

The Stasis energy causes the glue to be stationary. It understands the purpose of this Stasis and it wants the energy forms it holds together to experience the new environment it will find when the Stasis is finished. This will be a fresh template with an open willingness to accept a fuller range of information being sent to Earth by the Creator Sun and the Photon Belt. The analogy with sleep is appropriate to some extent. Just as your body assimilates new information and physical challenges as it sleeps, so will the paused energy be re-tooled to accept a much more intense and faster vibrating experience.

This will be brought on during sleep and it will end as Earth's inhabitants wake up the next morning of what seems to be the next day. Because all energy vibration in the body has paused, the body doesn't experience any sense of time passing. The Earth is not pausing, however, and she will be continuing on with her Ascendancy with our help. There will be a new sense of environment when people wake up, much cleaner and more balanced and peaceful.

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06.  26 July 2007: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on Taking control of the Planet – Jess Anthony

Beloveds, It is I, Aton/Christ Michael come to update you a bit more on the process going on at this time. Esu Sananda has stated that the newly chosen Leaders would have to guarantee their integrity. What is being required of all those chosen at this time, Earth Citizens, in the Banking Industry, the Media, and the Government Leadership roles, is that they sign an actual Contract of Service, and agree to be supervised by individual Star Fleet personal. If the Contract is voided by lack of cooperation and any under handed activity that does not suit the established goals, they are to be removed from the Planet immediately upon discovery of same.

Now this does not mean these ones will perform as robots to us, but rather it allows the discussion and creation process, as long as the discussion and what is deemed appropriate fit the higher vision, according to those who are the Supervisors. These Supervisors not only supervise, they engage the entities in the genuine process of co-creation.

The signing process is going well, and in fact is very much liked by the Ones who are signing these Contracts, and they are finding "safety" in this. Only a few have backed away, and thus have exposed themselves in that manner. It is expected this process will be fully finished this weekend.

In the meantime, we are selecting replacements for those that did not take of the opportunity offered. As has been mentioned before, in the case of no Earth Citizen being available for various roles, Star Fleet personnel will take the positions. Star Fleet personal, both supervisors and those filling direct positions also have to sign a Statement of Agreement to serve my vision in this process.

The Banking Industry is getting the most supervision and has, considering the numbers, required a high percentage of Star Fleet personnel already in position, as it is absolutely required because of the nature of global trading in place to have this control and make for a smooth transition.

Of course, at this time, it is not appropriate to name names. Even those who had been previously chosen for the USA are required to apply the same signatures, and I will not at this time for safety, reveal who signed and who might not have signed. We did have a very interesting situation crop up during this process.

Now, it is circulating on the Internet that the earthquakes in Japan were caused by Man, striking back at Japan in punishment over the Chinese Secret Society plans. This is not so, these were natural earthquakes. However, the nuclear power plants were struck around this time, and the story told that the earthquakes were the cause, and it is not so. We have control over the technology developed on Earth, and no earthquakes are being intentionally caused at this time. All of them are natural events. We do continue at times to release pressures to stave off some events until the Planet is better prepared. We are trying in particular to prevent the occurrences that would lead at this time to LA going into the sea. But most likely it will go into the sea during the Jupiter Event, for the deep ground structures are so unstable, that it can't be prevented.

Although we must operate in some secrecy right now, after the Stasis Event we will report all that is occurring in a full open easy to understand manner, and the Media will be sufficiently controlled to allow it to be truly a free press. That does sound odd doesn't it, control it to be free, but that is exactly what will happen. It is controlled reversely now.

To assist this process, citizens of Earth will have Internet contact with Star Fleet Mother Ships in service. Particular Motherships will establish Websites in their service areas, and there will be e-mail capabilities for the common Citizen of Planet Earth to interact. Of course, as safety permits and fear resolves there will be many interactions on the ground with Star Fleet, via offices set up, and also via Shuttlecraft visitations for the Public. More Star Fleet personnel will openly walk the Planet. There will be massive flyovers during the second half of the educational project.

In addition to the two weeks coverage, much material is being prepared and has been prepared over the past year, that will be shown to the Public, and replace some of those particularly controlling and dumbing-down Shows that are watched now.

The success of this massive take over of the Planet, and yes, we are taking over the Planet in this sense, of course depends upon the Citizens of Planet Earth and their Leaders who have stepped into place and those that will come. In the previous several years we were working on obtaining the free will cooperation and this did not occur, but was required under Universal Law to attempt this first. The only free will now at this time, will be that which serves within established parameters.

What we are providing in those parameters is the allowance for your co-creation within them. We will not do all the work; we are providing the stability required for you to do this, in cooperation with the Divine Plan.

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07.  9 August 2007 - Esu/Jesus SANANDA Speaks on Future Events - Jess Anthony

The Government transition is ready to go. Congress has once again proved itself ineffectual, despite the mandate we helped hand it with the last Elections. They have once again ignored their constituencies and have sold out to the highest bidders still pulling their economic and biased political strings. They have lost their initial chance to make good on the voters wishes, and their political role at this point is little different than it was before the sweep. On occasions it does manage to pull itself into a position of resistance that has a beneficial effect, but generally it is lacking in initiative and any willingness to move in the direction it has been elected to pursue.

Shall we speak of the time line further? The Stasis events will set the scene for the Government sweep what is necessary and allow the Banking system to be reborn. The time in suspension will also be used to clean up such major catastrophes as the mass of plastic containers floating in the ocean, referred to as the size of Texas. The ecological disasters that are increasingly evident as a result of pollution and dumping of garbage and waste products into the landfills and the water supplies will also be tackled in some measure. Much of the manageable cleanup will be saved for you to do later, however.

This period of cleanup will be followed by at least two weeks of educational programming to explain what is happening on Earth. This will point out the reasons for the actions taken during the Stasis Period and will also serve as a forum to introduce new methods of government and new financial systems. The Government in the United States will be based on its original Constitutional intentions, and the Representative method of a true Republic will be put into action. Local groups will select Representatives who, in turn, will present their Electorate's positions in a Group Forum much like the current Congress. The votes, however, must be exclusively representative of the People's wishes that sent the Representatives in the first place. Any decision outside the will of the People will be disavowed and the Representative will be removed and sent home.

The geophysical catastrophes that are looming will begin to happen with increased frequency during the Fall period before the Jupiter Event is brought off in December/January when the Planet is behind the Sun and not directly in line with Earth. California and the Pacific Rim countries are most in danger of earthquake and flooding. The exact scenario is not known, but risks are high and should be considered in planning your future. Everyone must determine how they wish to deal with the throes Mother Earth will go through to break out of her current limited form. This will cause the water to be redistributed in places, cause parts of the sunken Earth landmass to be brought to the surface again, and make presently uninhabitable areas temperate and capable of being inhabited again. The time frame for this is again not certain, and the nature of the projected catastrophes is not certain, nor is the extent of disaster they will bring. It will be whatever the people of Earth determine will be in the best interests of the pursuits of their individual life streams. This may be unconscious in part, but these actions will always be determined by the individual's Higher Self. Each person will choose the path it takes and will determine the extent of involvement with the transition period.

We have spoken of the "Jupiter Event" in passing and this will be covered much more in depth as the time approaches nearer. However, the delay in action that has necessitated the decision of the Conclave has shortened the amount of time that will be available to prepare for this situation. It is crucial that the Government be in place first, with a stable Banking System that responds accurately on a global basis. Money and help will be shifted as needed throughout the countries most damaged. There will be no tolerance for anything less than compassion and a complete willingness to act as a global unit. This sounds harsh, but the times will require a controlled method of provided assistance world-wide. There will not be time for debate or unwillingness to act.

What will be the outcome of this, you ask? You will have a period of testing and struggle initially that will give way to an unimaginable period of peace and regeneration that will begin to take you to the already determined period of Light and Universal Love. This will not be an overnight rapture, but will be a global project that you will pursue to achieve this Ascension yourself. Ascension means taking yourself to a higher level. We can only show you the way. You must find the path there yourself. Part of that involves finding closure on aspects of your lifetimes you have started but not finished. There is no room for incompleteness or unsatisfied attempts of selfish endeavours for personal gratification at the expense of someone else's wishes.

Esu Immanuel Kumara/Jesus SANANDA and Planetary Prince of Urantia

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08.  9 September 2007: Esu/Jesus SANANDA speaks on Financial Changes - Jess Anthony

I will speak of the choices people on Earth can make in terms of their money situations and their living conditions. The Banks will be undergoing a transition, as has been described. Cash will not be readily available for a period of a few days. This will start as soon as we begin the announcement period probably 12 hours after everyone wakes up from the "Stasis Period". The initial surprise and bewilderment of many will be sinking in to a rational view of what has happened. News will be curtailed in many cases and explanations will be kept to a minimum. The uninformed conclusions will serve no positive purpose. This is controlling, yes, but ultimately practical. I must point out that the change is global, not just in America with its fifty States. The discussion here is almost exclusively on what will happen in this country, when in actuality every country on every continent will undergo a form of change. That is an enormous proposition, and one that has required this time to prepare and set in motion.

Everyone on Earth has agreed to their life plan before they came. Everyone's Higher Self knows what they have determined is their agenda. The choices of how to achieve this agenda are the variables you find as you live on Earth. There are many options you can choose that are determined by your personal discernment and preconditioning memories. These choices affect how your life is shaped. You each select a life pattern that allows you to explore your individual purpose in whatever way seems most appropriate for you alone. Your birth and your death pattern are selected as the most instructive method for your incarnation.

I say all of this because your perception of life after Stasis will be different. You will begin to see this bigger picture of Universal Truth with ever-increasing clarity. You will see why people are no longer here. You will see why you have remained, and you will see what your purpose is in staying. This Planet is going through a tremendous renewal and restoration. You are staying here because you have agreed to help with this process. This process demands cooperation and ingenuity. This is the talent and power you have - those of you who are here. You know more about living in this type of creation than anyone. Your job is to use this knowledge.

This involves finding ways to live that are more in tune with Earth. This involves finding means of rational cooperation with each other. If scarcity of resources or money becomes an issue, then determine what you personally can do about it. You have chosen to be in the situation you are in because you want to experience it. How will you do that and what will you discover and learn? Life is about learning and experiencing. Pleasure comes from experience that brings satisfaction and a sense of personal balance. You are happy because you are happy. Not because someone tells you that you are happy.

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09.  25 September 2007: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on Current Progress into Stasis – Jess Anthony

You ask me to explain this situation further for the Readers. "Stasis" is an event that will occur as the beginning of our formal intervention. We have been guiding you on Earth up to this point, through discussions and teachings, and also with the assistance of numerous Allies who are working on the surface in professions that directly impact the decisions that will produce the outcome that must be achieved. Make no mistake: the outcome will be achieved. This is the Decree of Heaven and the Creator Source of all. My responsibility and guardianship oversees this taking place. I have created this Local Universe of Nebadon and Earth is my prize Creation. I will not see this fail.

However, I also created the existence on Earth to explore the experience of Duality and Separation from the Source. This has been a more extraordinary lesson than anyone could have projected at the time. This is because there were no previous examples to look to and no hints of the outcomes that might be possible. I offered the opportunity for Masters and Angels to come to Earth and experience this new sense of "separation". It was a risk, and I knew it was necessary to have inhabitants with skills and previous experience with shaping a Planet in times of distress. This ability was locked inside of each of the people who incarnated. For a while they remembered this as part of their connection to the Universe. But with the coming of the Dark, they were made to forget this link and become unthinking servants to others with an awareness of control and manipulation.

This led to the catastrophes of Lemuria and Atlantis, and survivors sank even further into their forgetfulness. Others with some remembrance of their positions as Overlords created another world of the "Elite" and the "Controlled". This recreation of the worst of Atlantis has continued up to the present day. My "Planetary Bestowal" to Earth in the agency of Jesus Christ was the beginning of the shift in thinking that would lead to the awareness that is burgeoning out today.

I have been guiding you with my Ministers and Teachers for the whole of your existence. This has been a form of intervention from the beginning of your History. The intervention you seek now asks for more specific assistance in the face of greater threats than you have ever been aware of. We have listened to your requests and have granted you more.

The "Great Conclave" you have recently heard spoken of was a meeting I called with Representatives from all over the SuperUniverse of Orvonton [The 7th Super-Universe within our Grand Universe] and Havona [The "Central Universe" surrounding the Paradise Isle]. This was a meeting unlike any you have heard of. The Representatives deal with the directions Universes as a whole take in ascending and recreating themselves. They determine how Universes are constructed and what reality they will embody as their components are developed. This is work on a greater scale than you are capable of imagining. Think how vast your own Local Universe of Nebadon is and imagine that to be an insignificant piece of an immense group of similar Universes [a total of over 700,000 Local Universes within our Grand Universe with its center point of the Paradise Isle and surrounding Havona Central Universe]. The Attendees at the Meeting I called were the Overseers of these vast assemblages of Planets and Stars. Spiritual Beings on a high level of Light and connection with the energy of the Creator Source.

They all had opinions on what to do with Planet Earth, this small piece of the Grand Universe. It was a long and contested discussion. The end result was that I was given the right to do what I wished to do with my Local Universe Creation. The Plan is totally mine and the decisions I make are totally for the best interests of my “Jewel of Creation”.

I have chosen to allow you still to work out your resolution as best you can - with our assistance - to the cycle of choices that were initiated after the demise of Atlantis. This has been over 12,000 years of your struggling and experiencing, with stages of awakening and periods of falling back into forgetfulness. We have always been guiding your explorations and always providing suggestions for you to discover as to your own awareness. Your core connection to me has been constant even as you were oblivious to its presence. This is why you have always looked for something - a solution, a better way, a "Saviour". This search has always taken such a form.

Now you are here with an awareness that is ready to experience our full "Disclosure". This readiness is still threatened by those who wish this awakening not to occur. These are the controlling Dark Elite who manipulate your actions and your thinking to make you support them through your acceptance of Laws and procedures that are not in your own individual best interest. This is being changed completely, with actions that are progressing carefully and delicately through minefields that reach to all levels of your global society. The game plan in operation is enormously complicated and operating on several levels of reality at once. Your conscious perception is but one level of the activity that is ongoing. You sense the progress in all these levels, but your conscious awareness is still fixated on the conditioning information still being fed to you by the Dark-controlled Media sources.

This disjunction of levels of perception is the source of your discomfort and frustration. You have a sense that good is pervading much of your awareness, but you reject that assurance in the face of measured and quantified proof that seems to fall short of your expectations.

The question of time is a tricky one. Time and space are constants that we accept as well, but the measurements you use are not those of the Seventh Super-Universe of Orvonton that we are a part of. Our measurements coincide with yours on occasions, and are not congruent on others. Our working plan is what we must make our decisions by, just as you are tied to your calendar measurements and your time segments. We have certain plans that we work under, and these projections are the dates that are given out in messages and so-called predictions. These dates are approximations to our time. They can't be looked at as the determinants for Galactic actions that are timed to another Galactic System. We say in all cases that a projected date is contingent on all factors being in place. This understanding is a truth that will not be changed. Any prediction that states a definite date is always conditional, even if the Channeler or Seer doesn't include that fact.

10.  28 November 2007: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on the Stasis Event – Jess Anthony

There will be a return of Christ Michael ATON himself in a form that is acceptable for the energy level you will have. We have split our merged form of 2,000 years ago and now are returning individually and as a Christed Consciousness. This will happen when the energy allows this to be accomplished. The Dimensional level has been gradually raised during the last year or so, and the God Event also triggered the molecular changes necessary for the raising energy to begin its changes in the physical embodiments you have adapted on Earth.

I will repeat this is not a "Rapture". This is leveling the playing field of Earth so Man can have a fair chance once he wakes up again to re-build as he has been told he will need to do. This is not waving a "magic wand". This is saving the Earth from the type of destruction what would have mandated an evacuation of sorts. The thing not spoken of is that the "Total Evacuation of Earth" would have allowed only about ten percent of the existing population to be lifted up successfully to the Motherships if this were to have happened. The scenario we spoke of in the original "Phoenix Journals" is no longer viable. The population has increased too much, for one thing, and the teleportation methods we use are not suited to the dense 3D physical construct the Earth inhabitants still continue to have. The only viable method we have now to preserve the Earth's inhabitants as Mother Earth and Christ Michael intend is to engineer a "Stasis Event", or suspension of time for certain energy levels comprising most of the mammal population, and intervene within the paused Stasis to re-engineer other levels of energy manifestations. This will have the effect of removing the worst environmental hazards Man has created with the help of their Off-world Advisors - hazards that Man is not capable of removing in time to prevent Mother Earth from taking events into her own hands and bypassing her Plan to save her inhabitants.

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11.  24 December 2007: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on the Jupiter Event - Jess Anthony


The time for the Jupiter Event is near. It is an event on a grander scale than you imagine on Earth, and its ignition will trigger changes that affect the whole Solar System and the part of the Universe of Nebadon that Earth is situated in. It is not just for the benefit of Earth's inhabitants, although you will be the important recipients of much of its new energy and information. Yes, I say information because ideas and concepts are nothing but energy that is received and transformed into physical chemistry and manifested reality. The Jupiter Ignition will transform much that you think and accept. This event will be part of the "Photon Belt" wave of energy that is coming through this part of the Local Universe and washing over Earth to clean the debris you have created in your Three-Dimensional limitations.

The date is not set because it is dependent on Jupiter's readiness to move into its next phase. But the time is near and we are paused waiting for this to manifest.  It is very similar to someone on Earth having to make a difficult decision. The determination is postponed until the last possible second to avoid the imagined consequences. Jupiter, or the Spirit manifested as Jupiter, understands the benefits of this transformation but remains hesitant to take the step. Continuing this metaphor, we can say that encouragement and the additional sustenance of extra energy are convincing the Planet's Spirit to assume a new form that suits the new Galactic Scenario.

I can also speak more scientifically in your terms. The energy that triggers the “Ignition” comes from outside the Planet's gaseous physical form. The amount necessary has been supplied and the process of connecting all the interior linkages is proceeding exponentially. Think of a string of atoms lining up and sending their combined energy at a specific target that will explode when too much energy is provided for its physical structure. The structure becomes a new structure as it transforms its existing reality to suit the new one. Creation results from an idea connecting with energy that connects with other existing energy to produce a new combination of energy aggregates with a different purpose and different configuration. All conditions must be right. The ingredients, so to speak, must be all assembled and ready to be mixed before this transformation can take place.

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12.  16 October 2008: Candace, a Channeler of Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon gives a summary of the Stasis & Jupiter Events


For our new Readers, I will summarize what we have taught in the Journals of AbundantHope over a couple years now regarding the Stasis and the Jupiter Events.

We plan to go into Stasis a few weeks prior to when Jupiter is on the other side of the Sun from Earth which is late January, into early February [2009]. This will be fairly destructive and will likely cause the Axis of Earth to move 5-10 degrees, meaning we will have a new North and South Pole, and it's not known for sure which direction they will move. This is necessary because otherwise the damage to Earth would be beyond coping with. The Sun standing between us and Jupiter will dilute a lot of that energy.

The people and the higher mammals will be "paused", sort of like pausing a DVD for a period of a year or more. The body molecules are slowed down a great deal in this process, and thus the body "sleeps" without need for nourishment. Higher mammals are included and people's pets. The cycles of biological Life otherwise will continue normally on the Planet, and so will the weather. The Soul doesn't "sleep" during this period, just the body and can still keep in touch with the Higher Realms. Do not worry about this process, as anyone living on the Planet around 1992 went through a week of mild Stasis as we first encountered the Photon Belt. We were then not prepared for the several days of disruption and Light so bright it would blind many people.

During this time, Jupiter will also be "Ignited" into becoming our Second Sun, and though it will be a lot smaller than our current Sun, it will continue it's yearly journey around our Sun and thus be visible at night, as it is right now, but will cast more light, making nightime when it's in our night sky dusky, not completely dark. This is a normal way older Solar Systems grow, and this combined with our Planet entering "Light and Life", and also being in a new energy circuit will cause our Solar System to become an Eternal Creation. Our current Sun will thus not burn out. At some distant point, Saturn may also become a Sun. I come from a Planet with three Suns myself, a large one (Merope of Pleiades), and 2 much smaller Suns, which came into being much as this Solar System will experience.

In this condition of more Solar Energies, the "Dark Souls" can't incarnate on the Planet, it moves our Planet and in fact our entire Solar System into a higher vibration. Eventually our Planet will also not be tilted anymore, and when this occurs our magnetics will change also, and prior to that time we have to develop new energy systems that will function in what is called "Mono-polarity." Our current electrical systems will not work within the new Photon Energy system.

This whole process is the "Ascension of our Planet" and also the whole Solar System into what is called the "Fifth Dimension". When Jupiter ignites into a Sun, it will enter its Fifth Dimension, and this will help bring the rest of the Solar System also into the Fifth Dimension. The highest Dimension on evolutionary Planets like Earth with organic life on them is the Ninth Dimension and we will gradually move into increasingly higher Dimensions over a long period of time. Our present Third-Dimension Plane of Planet Earth that we have been experiencing, will move temporarily up to the Fourth Dimension, before finally joining up with all the other Planets within our Solar System at the Fifth Dimension.

Right now, we are on the edge of the Fourth Dimension, which is the "get off the fence" Dimension, meaning people have to choose to move forward in their individual evolution and become Service to Others, or remain in Service to Self. Those choosing to continue to experience in the Dimensions below the Fourth will move on to other Planets and realms, and will not be participating in the "Ascension of the Planet". Many will leave during the "Stasis Period", and many more over the coming five years or thereabouts. The Planet's population may reduce as much as two-thirds. It is unknown at this time what will be the final figure.

There will be many who leave also, simply because they have finished their work here and it's time to return to their previous realms, or move higher. Many Starseeds are from other higher Planets, and will return home if that is their wish. So not everyone leaving is of the "Dark."

I am personally staying on the 4D New Earth for about 1000 years or whatever is needed, and have undergone a process where my body now regenerates as needed, rather than ageing. As I type this tonight, my body, since I am relaxed is regenerating. This occurs anywhere from once to several times a day. I can feel it taking place. A number of people will be offered this opportunity in the future.

We continue in this country [USA] to not see what we are doing to the environment either. During the "Stasis Period" a lot of oil wells will be closed. The Pacific Rim will face a great deal of destruction. Life will not be the same and many people will be gone. Life will certainly change hugely and through this people will learn to come together again. The Galactic Federation Star Fleet will provide a goodly deal of gifted assistance for a time, as the idea is not to allow an "Armageddon" situation. There will be adequate food, and assistance with transportation of certain types and lots and lots of public teaching and support. Many Starseeds/Lightworkers will attend classes during the Stasis Period aboard the Motherships or go to Inner Earth, but probably most to the Motherships, and return to help keep the World's survivors stable and help lead them into co-creative solutions to the new problems facing the Planet. We will build a durable sustainable global society that is necessary before we can finally enter "Light and Life" as a perfected world.

As has been covered, many Masters and Avatars will be returning at some point to assist. Many will walk this plane. Jesus/Esu Sananda will walk this plane, but not until a bit later, when things are stable and he can thusly be here safely, and we have the International Headquarters started up, where he will reside. We will not give further on this at this moment, except this will possibly be in the Denver Metro area of Colorado. Christ Michael will also possibly have a Center in Colorado at some future date.

There will be "Regional" areas [Countries] covering all of the Planet when we return, I hope anyway. The rest of the needed Regional Directors will be found during the Stasis Period out of those who will be aboard the Motherships. Esu has a number in mind that have no idea he has them in mind, consciously anyway.

During Stasis, if the LA Basin doesn't go down by itself, it will need to be sunk due to the dangerous instability of its underground caverns near the coast. Stasis under any timing or circumstances will last at least one year length, and possibly up to 2 years. There is a great deal of work to do. There will be much cleansing of the environment, and the destruction resulting from sinking LA and the Jupiter event will require some repair, because when we come back, the Internet will be working, utilites will be working and the like. It is NOT desired to return Man to the Caveman stage.

Candace of the AbundantHope Organisation.

13.  15 March 2008: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on the Stasis Event & Jupiter Event – Candace


I will not give a firm date, but Jupiter is ready and can be given its final "Ignition" at any time, and it's a very fast process, once the involution and other changes are complete. I am still watching the actions on your Globe. I advise you to put aside small supplies in case there are issues with delivery of goods to you, before or after the Stasis Event. The Galactic Federation Star Fleet will assist greatly after Stasis.

The Earth will be extensively depopulated during the Jupiter Event. You who have chosen to stay the course and serve the process will be protected no matter where you live, so do not be in fear. But do understand that many you know may not make this choice, or can't make this choice because either they are not ready for a move up to the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions or they are those of the Soul-less Robotoid makeup.

Many of you have noticed the increased energies for 6 months now, and this has prepared, along with the assistance of your Higher Self and your Guides, for your bodies to survive this Event. All those who are not thus prepared are subject to possible removal, or not surviving. We can't totally predict the degree of Polar Axis change, and we can't totally predict the volcanic action.

The Planet will be experiencing the additional energies of the "Jupiter Ignition" and this will cause many at a Soul-level to leave. We expect at least a third, perhaps more, to leave their physical based on these incoming energies. All leaving will be "assessed" and placed where they belong. Regarding the Robotoids, we do have a marvellous program for them, to help them expand their minds enough that they might choose the possibility of taking the Eternal Journey. That is, the Robotoids who are good and kindly, but those that have tended towards evil, will not be given consideration. We do not totally know exactly what the population percentage that is left will be, but it could total as much as fifty percent from all causes, including also the Dear Ones who will return to whence they came, who have finished their gift to this Planet.

Esu Sananda is usually aboard the New Jerusalem Mothership, in which the Records of all Ensouled Beings are stored. Because this is a "Partial Cleansing" of the Planet, there will be chaos afterwards, and he, with some assistance, has been viewing the Records, quite literally, of the population in every town and city upon this Earth, to find those advanced enough to help. These will be lifted at appropriate times during the Stasis Period and brought to a Mothership or to Inner Earth for training, so they can assist the reduction of chaos when the Planet is taken out of Stasis.

The Stasis Event will last as long as necessary. It could begin before the final Ignition of Jupiter. After the Planet is in Stasis, we will be picking up all stored goods, food, and heavy equipment and the like in areas expected to have heavy devastation, for redistribution after Stasis. It is still the Pacific Rim that will suffer the most. Most will remain asleep during the whole process, except of course we must lift those in areas expected to be hit hard that have chosen survival.

Many of these in the devastated and sunken areas will be sent either to the Inner Earth or to other Planets, as is the rule when a Planet is evacuated. We possibly need to intentionally sink LA, and a variety of other areas so they will not be an issue later on. This is the "Big Event" that was long promised. A Planet is never allowed to experience the starvation and diseases that mark its Ending Times when Man has gone awry. Always are the Planetary Poles reversed and the Ensouled individuals evacuated.

After the Ensouled individuals are evacuated, then those remaining, first children and then others, are offered assistance to leave as long as there is time left. These evacuations are always effected as a Planet begins a process of Pole Reversal [change of rotation direction], before the winds get so high that the Star Fleet cannot get in to do this. Often the Evacuation is actually begun a few weeks before we reverse the Poles. Once in awhile, the Planet's Poles will reverse totally without our assistance, and this almost happened after WW2.

There is exactly one reason why we did not allow that then and stabilised the Planet. It was because this Planet is my "Bestowal Planet", and I have a different plan for it. Otherwise you would not be incarnated here now, and the Planet would be in its resting and regenerative stage. All of this Planet's People since 30 years ago, as they came to God and expressed the desire to grow their minds, have been assisted in the changing of their bodies so that they can if necessary tolerate the Light Beams of the Levitation Ships. Few on any Planet needing an evacuation possess sufficient body changes for dematerialisation on a rapid emergency basis. We must be able to get the Beam Ships close to the ground to evacuate, so the timing always allows this.

So, to you who read this material, fear not, for if you are to stay, you will stay, and be removed, if necessary, to be part of our Teaching Team later if you were chosen for that. We will not remove everyone to the Motherships or Inner Earth during this time, only those chosen to assist the issues of chaos afterwards. Those of you not attending this training will sleep peacefully in your protected dwellings, or if the dwellings are to be lost you will be moved to a safer location.

Those on the Pacific Rim, as I believe I stated above, that are not to stay with the Planet, but those who at a Soul level are suitable to be placed elsewhere and their body will tolerate the Levitation Beam, will be allowed to emigrate elsewhere.

When "Stasis" is over and we are through the initial chaos, then there will be an offer for more to voluntarily emigrate to other Planets, and perhaps also the underground cave-shelters (not Inner Earth) created by your Dark Elite for themselves. Russia and China thought way ahead and cared for their peoples and made adequate shelters for long-term survival. These could well be used for a time also. At this time we have not made that decision, we will await and see the results of the "Jupiter Ignition Event" and make those determinations later.

While this may seem rather extreme to many of you, those that are not to survive at all will pass on peacefully as they sleep. These ones, many of them the Soul-less Robotoids are not responsible for their condition. However, these ones will be placed in Morontia form into various locations, including the "Mansion Worlds" [Training Planets for Ascendant Souls - see the "Urantia Book"] and aboard some of the Evacuation Ships, and given further assistance at growing their minds.

The Morontia form is a physical form, especially at the lower levels, and the Life carriers and their assistants will create this form for them. This form is a nice one, there is no bodily elimination, as the nutrients required are absorbed fully. This is a bit of an experiment, because Planets do not normally have the Soul-less Robotoid concentration [mainly working in the underground Dark Bases] you do on this Planet, but we will give them this chance, and see how it works out on such a massive basis.

You must understand that our planning has been intense during the last year since we went ahead and announced the "Jupiter Event". I did not want Jupiter to begin its Ignition process before its time, but we have successfully got it through that and have been able to control it until the time is right. We did not want it to go prematurely, and so create a massive amount of destruction.

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14.  5 Nov. 2008: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on Future Events - Jess Anthony


I am concerned with moving Earth into the position where Man's work can begin in earnest. I coordinate the process this uses. This is a very complex game plan and the variables at play are beyond your comprehension in terms of their complexity. The financial debacle is but one aspect of this tangle of created ideas. The defence posture is another, with Man's culturally ingrained fear of the unknown and his emotional preference for violence and attack. The political structure is a means to allow these concepts to flourish, and this governmental system is controlled by only a few with access to the one thing that drives all of Earth's decisions - its money. These elements are what must be changed and removed in order for Man to realize his place within the universal body that is connected with the Earth. He has been prevented from recognizing his true identity and hearing the guidance I provide to allow him to exist in harmony with his surroundings. Man must be able to do this to Ascend with Earth.

To that end, I have determined a sequence of events that will take place. As Man begins to assimilate the concept of changes he has triggered, he must be conscious of how this starts to be structured. He must exercise his awakened ability to discern his own path and actively seek to implement these ideas for change. He cannot again fall asleep, or his intention will not be realised.

This groundwork is the necessary foundation Man can provide to assist with the events that will be taking place on Earth and with the help of Earth. His intention for change brings him into alignment with Earth's desire to change. In order for Earth to change, however, there has to be a physical reshaping and a massive cleaning and raising of its natural vibrational frequency to synchronise with what is happening in the Solar System and in the Galaxy. Earth is already being bombarded by energy from the Photon Belt and from increased energy reflected through the Sun. This is raising Earth's frequency by increments, but it is being obstructed by the lower level of energy vibration created by the manifested ideas that have attempted to counter alignment with universal frequency. These heavier energies caused the events and physical realisations that have shaped your past history. These must now be removed to allow Earth to progress with Ascension.

This was the reason a Stasis Event was determined. This pause in Man's activities will raise the energy level of Earth enough to allow the Galactic Workers to resolve some of the major problems quickly. Those continuing with Earth's Ascension will be taken to other sites for training and reconditioning. This will not be just a “Big Sleep” but a change in internal vibrational frequency. It will start with a group of Ships circling the Earth and beaming energy at a particular vibrational level that causes higher-level mammals to pause in their organic cycle by retuning their natural frequency. This causes Earth inhabitants to be outside of the progression of time as they know it in a form of physical stasis. While this is happening, Earth will be allowed to undergo geophysical changes that must happen to renew the Planet's structure. Those Ascending inhabitants in Stasis in those areas will be taken to safety.

The other major event that has been spoken of is turning Jupiter into a second Sun. This will indeed happen during the Stasis Event. The ignition of the Planet will cause havoc on Earth if it happens without some barrier preventing much of its burst of energy from reaching this Planet. This is planned to happen when Jupiter is behind the Sun in January.

The reason for this ignition is to provide the additional energy needed to continue to raise Earth's vibrational level to bring it up to that of the other Planets in this Solar System. The others are already functioning at a higher frequency of energy circuitry than Earth, and in order for Earth to move to that level quickly, additional energy must be sent from a second small Sun. This also sets up a higher frequency of energy interaction within the whole Solar System that allows it to synchronise with the higher energy frequency being introduced by the Photon Belt and other surrounding Star Systems. The simple idea of two different energy frequencies synchronising to the faster one is at the core of all these changes.

I have waited for a year to set these events in motion to see how Man would cope with the financial revelations and the political realities that have been presented. The warning last year was in part politically motivated to spur on change faster. It didn't work as successfully as it could have done. Man's desire for change was not triggered sufficiently to cause the cultural shift to take place in their ideas and intentions. The results of the recent USA Election and the revelations of the fiscal upheaval are indications that Man is ready to take the next steps in his progress of Ascension.

Christ MICHAEL, Creator Son of the Universe of Nebadon

15.  21 Nov. 2008: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon – We are Preparing YOUR Way - through Candace

Dearly Beloveds, it is time for an update from myself. This has been a tumultuous month for all, including my Fleet. Many of you who read this are undergoing intense bodywork at night, in preparation for two purposes. One is so you can be dematerialized to the spacecraft rather than having to be stood in a levitation beam. The other is that many of you will during Stasis be gifted with new restructured bodies, looking exactly like you, based on your current DNA but improved as to what many of you label "Psychic" skills. This new body will vibrate considerably higher and thus be in better resonance with the Planet when you return. You will be free of disease and in many cases looking a bit younger, depending on your current age.

Before you can assume the restructured body, current aberrations in your DNA must be cleared, both from genetic damage and whatever you contributed through stress that you do not wish to carry to the new form. Many of you are exhausted and confused as the result of the bodywork. Many of you have also downloaded during this month, if not before your Higher Self, either your Monad or your Morontial Soul [see the Urantia Book]] depending on your status at this moment.

Those of you who are Angels or Ascending Sons within Nebadon have a Morontia Soul. Those Angels from realms beyond Nebadon, and those Ascending graduates of Nebadon or other Universes have a Monad [Higher Self]. Not to worry so much about what is what here, you will understand more during Stasis and we will have appropriate teaching after Stasis for the Planet around these topics.

Candace, for example, has a Monad [Higher Self/Thought Adjuster]. She downloaded this years ago, she can place the date. [May 2002 - Candace] She is an "Ascending Soul" and a graduate of The Isle of Paradise, becoming the role of a "Mighty Messenger". The entire AbundantHope Team is a mixture of Ascending and Descending Souls from Havona [the Central Universe of the Grand Universe and which surrounds the Paradise Isle]. Some of you may be also, but it matters not, it only matters to the future Service to Others. What matters also is that you are embodying your Soul, regardless of the original source of your Soul. This simply means that your body has been prepared to accept your Soul living within it.

Your Soul will affect your current DNA patterns, remodelling them and this is important to be finished before you enter your new restructured body, if that is what you will be doing. Some of you who are 40 or younger may have "come in" with already improved DNA and assuming a totally restructured body if you are otherwise healthy, may not be necessary. You can be remodelled a bit if necessary. Most of you 40 and older, even if you brought in some higher DNA are probably going to be offered a restructured body.

Most of the Lightworkers have chosen to be "Stay Behinds" [ongoing inhabitants of Planet Earth]. "Stay Behinds" chose this with intent to serve after Stasis. Those of you living in dangerous areas will be removed to a Mothership or underground for your safety. You might initially "sleep" there until it is time for you to awaken for the training that will begin during Stasis.

If you live in a safe area you will be brought aboard wherever your Angels and Guides have determined for you in advance, when the time is appropriate to do so. During the above events and the clean-up afterwards, some of the Lightworkers whom are still to be selected, will prepare the Plans and the Teaching.

Those of you to have restructured bodies will continue to be prepared for that during your sleeping during the early part of Stasis and even after you are lifted. It will vary for each individual when the time is right to enter the new form. Those of you who do not need a new form will continue your "remodelling" which is in the hands of your Guardian Angels. I thought it appropriate at this time to let you know of this idea so you can ponder on it.

The Stasis period may last as long as two years. It will last what it takes, and this is related to the clean up and some massive Earth Changes that will occur during it. Rather than putting Mankind through a lot of different episodes of Earth Changes over say the next 100 years, we will do at least that much during Stasis. The Earth needs this to prepare for the eventual entry into "Monopolarity".

There must be considerably more changes other than will be made during the Stasis period, but this will spread over at least 25 years, during which Man may properly prepare for in advance. This thus allows also 25 years to get new technologies and the like in place that are necessary to the final Ascension when it occurs. By the final Ascension in this case, I refer to going into the state of Monopolarity, which we estimate may take up to 50 years, but that is highly flexible. It would be best to have had enough Axis Changes and lands rising up and sinking to balance the landmasses around the equator before Monopolarity, but that is not a necessity. The greater necessity is the state of mind on the Planet, and also the technologies consistent with Monopolarity.

While Esu and Commander Ashtar identified about 1 million really advanced Souls capable of participating in the Stasis training period and returning to lead afterwards, 1 million is actually too many, so the cream of the crop will be around 100,000 selected from this group. Those not attending "Stasis Planning" will work however at the Soul level and will have a sense of serving when all is said and done, but these ones will generally be working at a lower level of responsibility.

We still do not know how many will be left on the Planet after the Stasis period is over, as that is solely determined by individual Soul choices and the effects of the increased energy activity on both the people and the higher animals, as to whether the physical form survives or not. Actually, all Life Forms on the Planet will be affected by the enhanced [4D] vibration-rate, and the removal of the Ozone layer.

There is at this time a consideration being made of whether there should be, just prior to going into Stasis, of a large "Show and Tell" of Spacecraft and subsequent media information, but this is NOT guaranteed. As regards Stasis, I will take the Planet into Stasis in relation to the current plan for the Jupiter "Ignition". I could let this "Ignition" happen, as we proposed last year, to occur prior to the Stasis event. People MUST wake up to what is going to happen. But the Planet is terribly polluted and we must first of all be about the business of healing the Planet, and this cannot be done at the present state of Humanity's awareness and tendency towards fear, right in front of the people.

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16.  21-22 January 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon's Update on the Stasis Event – Through Candace

Dearly Beloveds, It is I Michael of Nebadon. This will be a brief courtesy update as we have suddenly become engaged in a separate serious issue that is not of concern to this Project, but something else.

I can say that the recent downing of the aircraft in the Hudson was our terminating a "False Flag" attack [a "staged" 9/11 style terrorist attack by the Dark Cabal behind the Bush Administration in order to introduce Emergency Martial Laws, abrogating the Obama Inauguration], but while certain investigating is going on by Earth authorities, I will not reveal details. We did tractor-beam the aircraft into the Hudson River and get assistance to it by sending code to the operators of the surrounding riverboats. I simply advise you to observe the varying games at this point in the news and learn from that.

Candace has been getting questions about the Stasis Event and what to expect after a longer period. A large question is about whether those Human bodies who have passed-over will be removed or not. In many cases, Yes, and in others, Nature will do what Nature does. The people of Earth need to realize immediately that this was not a "Rapture", as missing bodies may well cause some to believe it was the Rapture. Where Celestial Guides are available to assess individual situations, people will not wake up to sharing their beds with a skeleton either. We will not be cutting the weeds and also altering what happens to food and the like; it will be whatever is left as leftovers after two years time. People will not awaken to neatly trimmed lawns.

I remind you, every ensouled person, whether in a child's body or not, has made their decision as to whether they wish to continue their journey here on Earth or not, and all ensouled people have Angelic Guardians who oversee this process.

We do also have at our disposal a separate 3rd-Dimension "New Planet", and individuals and whole families who have been chosen this option will go in body to this new Planet. They will be awakened from Stasis in succeeding intervals, as we do not want too many arriving en-mass. Those going to the New Planet in their physical body from the areas around the Pacific Rim will go first to that Planet. You already have 200,000 living people from Earth now on that new World. No criminals are to be allowed on this new Planet. Neither will Robotoids be going to that Planet because it is being started only by somewhat more advanced Souls who have the durability to begin a new 3rd-dimension journey. At the end of the Stasis Event, there will be perhaps 2-3 million people on this Alternative Physical-level Planet.

Leave the children in our hands and do not worry. Also do not forget that we will be on the Television and Radio immediately the Planet comes out of Stasis [the "Deep Sleep"] to provide all the necessary education. All has been provided for that is necessary. Communications, heat, lighting will be functioning. There will be adequate food in storage and will be delivered promptly to stores. In some areas we will "drop" the necessary supplies until the people can resume themselves. You will NOT be left behind without preparation and care until you can properly function again. But function you will quickly and don't forget that at least the 100,000 Earth Lightworkers will be returning from the Motherships to provide local help and direction around the Earth Globe.

Namaste, Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon.

January 22, 2009 (continued): Now another commentary on the pending "Ignition Event" of Jupiter. That Planet is not at present matching your scientific profiles and computer programs. Neither was it last year, and it has not for a period of time now. Your Scientists manipulate the data to keep people in a state of not-knowing. Some have also asked a question about the Moon, when you were in a brief Stasis during the entry into the Photon Belt years ago [c. 1992].  Most of you should know by now that your Moon is artificial, created elsewhere and was originally "towed" to this World. Consider that we can also tow the Moon so it matches the expected time cycles. Whether we have already done so or not, I will leave you to ponder on. We can also tow Jupiter or retard its progress to "buy time" for the effect it will have on Earth. Besides the length of your year changing, there are many other possibilities to consider in the broader game.

You will find in your "Urantia Book" that long ago another Solar System came close to your Sun and drew off pieces of it that became some of your Planets. Solar Systems are built, Dear Ones, they are not necessarily "natural." Another System was towed close to your Sun to cause chunks of it to separate. And you have Planets which are not from your Sun. Venus is one example. It was a wandering dead chunk of an old Sun that was called "The Destroyer" when it visited your World periodically. It was placed in orbit long ago, as part of stabilizing this Solar System, and has since become a Planet expressing the powers of Love.

You must have a balanced Solar System to achieve the ultimate state of "Light and Life". This includes the outer "Gas" Planets [derived from condensing gasses] which are becoming Suns, and this helps keep the balance of energies. Your whole Solar System is being slowly "towed" into a different Celestial location, from which you will thus benefit from an eternal energy stream. In a sense it will be sort of like being forever in a Photon Belt, but without the full cleansing force of a Photon Belt that your World has experienced in previous cycles.

Are some of you old enough to notice the Stars are not quite where they used to be? Lots of Natives, Indigenous Peoples have noticed. In fact many of your Stars are not really Stars, they are simply "placemats" made up of giant Motherships, so that your sky doesn't appear to change too much at this particular time.  You can't tell from your back-yard telescopes what is a Mothership and what is a Star. If it changes colour and/or twinkles a lot, it is likely a Mothership, Dear Ones, look skyward. Most of you have no idea what is in your sky at night, except for perhaps the famous Big Dipper. And your "Seven Sisters" [7 Stars of the Pleiades] are in fact really Motherships, for the time being, too. Your Solar System will remain circling Alcyone [Central Star of the Pleiades and the Central Sun for our Local Quadrant of Star Systems], but the "real" Seven Sisters have been moved considerably at the present time from your Earth vantage point.

We can and have retarded Jupiter's location. It "buys time". We could have just as well moved it forwards, had I decided on Stasis earlier last year. You ones on the Earth Planet who consider yourselves "modern" rarely even know what is in your skies.

Christ Michael Aton.

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17.  February 12, 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - We Have Our Glorious new Baby Sun! – Candace

Oh MY, my Dearly Beloveds, we have a most bodacious glorious new SUN! It has been quite a challenge for the special Team from the central Paradise Isle who does these things. This was a very difficult situation, but one needed to Ascend Planet Earth and also the Solar System into "Eternal Light and Life".

We could not have done this last year, because the Jupiter "implosion" process went terribly bad and we had great risk of creating a Black Hole, or a ball of matter so tightly compressed that the Planet would have exploded into bits and pieces instead of flaring into a Second Sun.

It is beautiful. I wish I could send you a digital picture, but you shall see it soon enough, but mostly likely after Stasis, which will still seem soon enough! A digital photo would not do it justice anyway. We are not sure of its ultimate size, the growth process will continue for quite a bit of time. It will become a brilliant beautiful white high-energy Sun! It of course is not to be a large Sun, but enough to stimulate the necessary changes for a Solar System to enter the final state of "Light and Life".

This little Sun will reenergise your existing larger Sun. And the larger Sun will re-energise the little Sun - a back and forth process. Your entire Solar System is gradually being towed to a new location and also into a new "River of Celestial Energy" at some point which will also further sustain this Solar System.

Right now the "Photon Belt" adds a great deal of energy and will be adding energy to this new Solar System over the time you are in it. This new little Sun is gobbling up energy like a new baby does, and it is a new baby!  It gobbles up the energy food it needs to grow bigger, as all babies do, until it reaches its adult size.

Now, we have to discuss the issue of there having been no big Proton blast as yet. Well, we initiated this Sun on Thursday January 29th. It took about six days for the process to bloom, which occurred on Candace's time, late February 4th. A bit late, like all premature babies who are not fully developed in some way. I say premature, simply because this little Sun was made of really compacted matter typical of this dark Solar System, and thus was not a fully mature baby as are normal "Gas-derived Planets" being made into Suns. This was not a full term baby, and actually would never have been.

This has been a long and arduous process for all. I chose not to put out that we were having problems delivering our "Baby" last year. I also chose that course to allow for the existence of the Dark Ones, and also we chose to announce it a year early to allow for more preparation time. There is in fact a reason for my apparent "madness" in this and I ask your forgiveness simply because you do not sit where I am sitting.

If we had never attempted to make Jupiter a Sun, this Solar System would have continued to deteriorate and become eventually a type of "Black Hole" of compressed matter that would then eventually simply explode into a new creation. There are reasons for this not being the desired outcome.

Now the folks that build Solar Systems are a special group of "Descending Sons" from the Paradise Isle, which are mentioned in the Urantia Book. This work is not in the domain of the Trinity Creator Sons and their Sons. This level of creation is beyond the capabilities of almost anyone that lives in your Grand Universe [incorporating the 7 SuperUniverses and their local Universes], except for this special group of Sun and Planetary Creators.

Now, because of difficulties encountered within this Local Universe of Nebadon, little of the greater Grand Universe is as “dark” as it is here, Dear Ones. There were thus several possibilities which we have already covered above and repeat here. We could have had an explosion of Jupiter into many bits and pieces through an "implosion" that would have produced a Black Hole that would have sucked the Solar System into it over time, or else a small Sun. WE HAVE OUR SUN. Be in Joy!

Now, because this process did not follow the normal circumstances of a more mature "baby", its process of evolution into a Sun did not go normally either. It was more gradual and did not produce the big blast of Protons that was expected. It did not scream the lusty new scream of a big newborn. It made lots of little fusses and whimpers, putting out little puffs of Protons and other subatomic particles.

And it will continue for a time to send little puffs of them in your direction. You have so far avoided some difficulties, such as having your orbiting satellites destroyed and the like. But the pressures will continue to build and start to disturb Earth and her people. There are already plenty of effects now in the growing storms, winds and bad weather. Earthquakes will come forth, and there is a continuous increasing measure of “static electricity” that will further increase, making people feel miserable. And in time the new Sun may possibly become more obvious in your Morning skies, once we have removed the large shielding "look-alike" Spacecraft.

Of course we will eventually go into Stasis for the much needed Earth Changes and Cleansing. We do have some other ideas to explore since we didn't have the expected Proton blast that would have convinced people something was terribly wrong in their Solar System.


We are reconfiguring dates on this, because I still desire for Earth's residents to have a "Wake-up Call" in order realize something of the "End Times" is coming.

Namaste, Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon.

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18.   March 08, 2009: Esu/Jesus SANANDA Speaks on Lucifer, Anu, and Personal Responsibility - Jess Anthony

This is Esu Immanual Kumara, a Sananda and the future visible Planetary Prince of Earth. At least I will be when the energy vibrations on this Planet are raised enough to allow me to interact with it comfortably.

You ask for a history lesson. I will explain how you got here and how your experience was impacted by foreign agents. Earth was a "Seed Planet", which means that Christ Michael was using this environment to condition and train Souls that would be moving ultimately to become "Creator Gods", a position such as he has occupied in his Local Universe creation of Nebadon. All Local Universes have areas that allow those energy manifestations unique to their configuration to explore the ramifications of that type of incarnation. Not all Local Universes are alike, you know, and no two types of universal inhabitants have the same combination of structural elements. They may be similar, but they remain distinct.

Christ Michael intended for Planet Earth to be a unique place for learning. That is why he allowed levels of "free will" and choice that are not typical in other Local Universes. The surrounding systems would be part of a grand structure of choice and individual experiences of creation. This was unique in the development of Local Universes.

The Souls that chose to incarnate here were special combinations of experience and experimentation in Universe building. Many had been involved with the creation of Nebadon, and these Souls sensed their purpose to be an extension of those experiences. The Souls incarnating into the initial environment of exploration and positive experience were to be unspoiled by contact with outside influences. This was a laboratory setting that gave full rein to a wide range of possibilities, in exploring the interaction between Positive and Negative elements . Much of what you experience now was the result of initial experiments in either successful or unsuccessful learning decisions.

Into this potentially idyllic existence came E.T. interlopers from outside this Galaxy System. They were not interested in the type of experiential existence that was occurring, but were, instead, looking for elements their own incarnational structure lacked as a result of poor choices they had made earlier. The many stories of the Anunnaki arriving on their Planet Nibiru are approximately correct. They intersected your orbit and decided to take control over Earth's unsuspecting culture for their own selfish purposes.

The stage for this take over had been set before, however, as Earth's inhabitants had learned elements of obedience from its Planetary Prince Caligastia and his overseers during what has become known as the "Lucifer Rebellion". Christ Michael's determination to explore choice and self-initiation had opened the door for Lucifer to propose that the inhabitants of Nebadon were fully independent by virtue of their creation. His argument was that once created with self-determination, inhabitants no longer had to follow the dictates of someone outside themselves. This ignored the fact that all of the Creation in Nebadon was connected to Christ Michael's concept — even the decision to be separate was an experience Christ Michael was learning from through being a part of. Even though he had set the configuration in motion, he still did not have the complete experiential awareness he would after his period of "Seven Bestowals" downwards through his Local Universe. He had to experience his Creation fully as a part of all of it in order to completely understand how his concepts were manifested.  He still did not have the complete power to make decisions on issues that dealt with concepts beyond the limits of Nebadon.

Lucifer's arguments were attacking the permission granted Christ Michael to design and objectify his vision for constructing a Local Universe. This permission came from the Creator Source and was beyond the scope of what Christ Michael could determine at that point in the history of Nebadon.  He could do nothing but allow this concept to play out, once it had been set in motion, but he decided to quarantine those followers to the areas where they had been most persuasive. His original "Seed Planet" of Earth became a Laboratory to examine the working out of Lucifer's concepts. Its Planetary Prince Caligastia was one of Lucifer's followers, and he had already begun the shift in thinking that produced a fertile environment for Lucifer's ideas to develop more fully.

Earth became a microcosm of the Universe, but