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GOD's NEWS: Are You Ready For The Twitter Exodus? 🐸


Hello everyone,

We've made some incredible progress this month on the product in preparation for Twitter's strict new enforcement rules that will be going live

on December 18th. Twitter will be judging user behavior both on and OFF of their website. Meaning if you visit another website that they don't like or show "support" for groups they don't like, you can get banned.

This unprecedented level of censorship and blacklisting of groups from the public square is unlike anything in history and will be a huge opportunity for Gab.

In just 30 days we've been able to reserve $738,000 in our ICO Test The Waters Campaign. We expect the ICO to go live in Q1 2018. This will be one of the first Regulation A+ ICO's in history and will once again allow our users to become owners in Gab as we continue to take on the Silicon Valley elite and Big Social. If you want to reserve your investment you can do so now by visiting our testing the waters campaign page. No exchange of money or bitcoin happens yet, this is simply a way to reserve your spot for when the ICO goes live. Our last campaign was oversubscribed by hundreds of thousands of dollars and filled up very quickly, so be sure to reserve early.

In just the last few weeks alone we've shipped:

  • Creator Monetization tools like tipping and premium subscriptions for exclusive content

  • A totally revamped direct message system

  • Reply and repost counters

  • Improved search results

  • An on boarding experience that walks new users through the entire product

  • Native GIF uploading

  • A completely redesigned Android app, version 2.0

  • Plenty of bug fixes!

We hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Thanks and remember to speak freely!

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