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First and FINAL Notice – Manna World Holding Trust (Master Trust) Deception – Kingdoom of Manna

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Manna World Holding Trust

Self appointed Trustee – Kim Goguen and rest of deceived Members and Associates of the Manna Trust / MWHT / MWHST

cc. Tank, Paul, Lisa, Dan, Tui and others

5 August 2019

Dear Kimber’lie and leftovers of Cabal Draco and Alien clans

First and FINAL Notice – Manna World Holding Trust (Master Trust) Deception – Kingdoom of Manna

I refer in this lengthy post, mostly to the one disseminating very limited and scarily deceptive amount of fake information, provided by your pseudo ‘greatness’, calling herself Kim Impossible:

perhaps deliberately but definitely NOT WITHOUT SINISTER INTENTION TO CONFUSE and TO DECEIVE others, with reference to the Kingdom of Manna, the “new” MasterplanMonarch Court and the Master Manna Trust also known as the Manna World Holding Trust or Manna World Holding Sovereign Trust – MWHST, as the self-professed “keeper” of the Collateral Heritage accounts for all nations, where you personally, had put out publicly and or released via informal discussions or script to other false preachers Thomas Williams and Randy Maugans...naive Steffen Rowe (perhaps not anymore after this email) and few others, either in writings or comments posted on SPEAK Project articles, or calls, THI and Off Planet Radio youtube videos since October 2016 to date.


I have presented this Notice in 4 parts challenging and exposing your HIDDEN AGENDAS about

1. Global Marshall Law Earth Plan – Luciferian Draconian Structure.

2. Kingdom of Manna without a ‘king’, outdated “Peace Treaty” and “new” yet very old ‘Masterplan’ without the master?


4. Organic Earth – Quarantined - Ascension

as topics affecting our daily lives and require full exposure of your deceit.

It is however very important for some governments also Tank, fellow SPEAK Project supporters, Dan, Tui... and the public to grasp and process this very deceiving information pertaining to the now removed previous hidden Luciferian Draconian harvesting program and pecking order food-chain, con’trols and cording from other planets and star systems that had a terrible and immediate effect and impact on all living beings here as well as our Organic Earth, all in an effort to prevent us from finding and re’connecting to our inner Source of Light, that is NOW very possible again, as Light had tipped the scales on this Organic Earth to lift the veil of forgetfulness and darkness that is vanishing like mist in the sun.

To begin with, why don’t you TRY to explain properly and in detail the crushed dark slavery and defunct Luciferian Draconian Structure,

Monarch Court system and where you would have filed court documents and addressed to whom,

Global Marshall Law Earth Plan with clear photographs of every section of this plan and explanation next to the images and don’t forget to name the soulless creatures linked to this previous Plan (under your ‘new” management and checkered reputation) that had supported this system and structure mostly prevalent in the Banking, Legal, Religious, Military, Medical, Media, Scientific, Entertainment and Sport sectors... also found in Government (Deep State) and other areas in our communities... 

that had comprised of so many deceiving agencies, secret societies, brotherhoods, factions and groups that were intentionally com’part’mentalised and placed in positions of power in exchange for their puny soul, also con’cealing their con’tracts and treat’ties entered into with now deleted draco, lucifer and his devil creatures alike to include alien malevolent species who had appeared benevolent to the common human, like the Galactic Federation = Cosmic Council = United Nations on planet, in planet and off planet, and likely to have an inescapable and unfortunate outcome similar to the disgusting jinns, genies and shadow beings and their “human look alike” representatives of the old Global Marshall Law Earth Plan that had been in place for thousands of years until 21- 23 December 2012?

So, in short: know that YOUR time is up as all of these timelines have JUST been deleted!

The rest of my write-ups and playing with words will be mostly for the still deceived and brain-washed humans, unaware of doing VERY BAD LIP SERVICE on your behalf by disseminating all of your lies and ill-intended programmed plans [Steffen, Paul, Dan, Tui...] until they choose to distance themselves from your deceptions you are ‘selling’ through their shows and their creative energies.

So Kim, to ask very ‘naively’: 

Who or what is still preventing you from disclosing to Humanity the enormous abuse of power over Humans and Human’i’ties and their precious re’Sources as mentioned above?

Why don’t you provide information about those creatures who had invaded and pirated our Organic Earth’s in-ground and above-ground resources for their sin’ister technology that were instru’mental in creating fake property rights deeply entangled with a myriad of legislation dating back hundreds and perhaps thousands of years?

Yet, all these have been removed and annulled by means of a Decree and Commands, all that was in direct violation of our Creator’s Light Source energy, His/Her Creations, and original intended usage of this planet. 

LIGHT does not create darkness, or Timelines, or Agreements or MIND programs! LIGHT just IS! Darkness knows about Source Light, had stolen Light to “fake” Light to confuse the real Humans. 

You made a very sad attempt by describing in broad brushstrokes this lengthy old and hidden Global Marshall Law Earth Plan document, expecting people to read between the lines thus missing the finer and exact details pertaining to specific sections, referencing the interview with Randy Maugan’s Off Planet Radio (11thNovember 2018) and Thomas Williams (1stAugust 2017).

Many questions were left partially answered or inadequately by you, also images of this “Plan” blurred once zoomed (SPEAK Project documents). Yet, my very strong reading of your message is: 

You DID NOT want Humanity to KNOW the real TRUTH and his’story!

So, more questions are posted here to be answered, not by your lying entity infested kind, to be fair to every real Human [opposite from clones, hybrids, trans-humans, soulless ‘human’ skins...] for ALL to know and skip the “need to know basis” part that belongs to the past:

1.Who were the 2 groups, which you failed to mention in detail, that had developed and contributed the technology for the quantum system?

2. Reveal the names [if you dare] of the darkest draco and his 2 side kicks that had left, or more aptly, THAT HAD BEEN TERMINATED by Light Forces, the trio so fondly referred to as gentlemen by you?! They were not gentle or men!

3.Why don’t you publish the statement from the Rothchilds (rotting children) where they still want to claim ownership of approximately 50 – 80% of every corporation in the United States and other parts in the world – already bankrupt?

4. How do you intend to recover the 100’s of Quadrillions they had stolen from humanity?

5.Who is Terrance Cameron McDonald?

6. Who is Lewis E Taylor?

They both claim to be joint leaders of MWHST. 

Which Group do they represent and where did they fit into the old structure and MWHT like Thomas Williams?

7. As you were fully involved in the Draconian System for a number of years, through your so called stealing profession as a trustee and ‘bankster’ with tarnished reputation, why still make reference to a system with perceived security levels above Trump?

I can vouch with all my MIGHT and HEART, that this system was systematically CRUSHED since 2013 to 2018 to the dismay of the demon’c’rats, their representatives and the ones that had supported this Draconian system fearing defeat and the consequences thereof, through total loss of money (claimed but not theirs) and fake-perceived-power and titles.

You should try to inform the small percentage of REAL Humans the real reasons behind this system of 49 levels or more appropriately the 49 generations of an’cest’story = Anu’s-cesspool-story of humans’ lineage (line’age) and captivity program through reincarnations which our Creator of Light had put a stop to it in 2005!? 

Your cloned [version 3.0] of fake life and another were spared and extended for a bit, including the “top Draconian structure” during 2016 for a specific cause to give you, Kim, first hand chance to divulge these layers of deception to humanity, your under’taking and your commitment to liberate humanity by means of FULL DISCLOSURE ABOUT [and I will jog your memory with my comments]:

the old Dictatorial Global Marshall Law Earth Plan (Military structure) and hierarchical structures where humans were deceived and creatures used to be subservient/subordinate to a single entity “M = Marduk” and his puppet slave masters known as the Order, Royals, Crown Corporation, Families, Masters, Agencies and Groups and the many other names they went by, now rapidly collapsing due to a flawed system and set to self-destruct,


divulge the “new” Masterplan as Humanity and Earth do not need another Con’troller or require any Plans involving aliens or hybrid humans or UN Global Government to roll out your UN Agenda 21 Plan. WE DID NOT VOTE FOR A GLOBAL GOVERNMENT or to be subservient to Kingdoms and Kingdom of Manna or any Masterplan.


Earth’s old rulers on planet, in planet (you mentioned 39 groups, perhaps you should name them and mention the 11 Civilizations whereas only 2 have remained fighting their own war – others destroyed by Light Forces – as they were causing harm to humanity) and their off planet govern’