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24. 24 May 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon: The Magnetosphere will collapse - through Candace

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

The funds for NESARA are long gone. These will not manifest.
In regards to who has the best current truth on these matters on the Internet, that would be "Whistleblower" on the Internet, who describes how the World itself is kept funded with the Collateral Accounts, and it is these funds which runs the world and they are not anything at all related to NESARA and GESARA.

The NESARA idea was built up over 200 years by St Germaine, but it did not manifest since your World was not really ready for it, unless we could have had the international attention required as part of the Second Coming Mission.

A totally new Banking System will manifest after the "Stasis Event".

We have lost quite a few to bullets. We are now very careful as to how and what is done.

We placed 5000 people into the various Religious Organisations as "Members." This was a complete failure by all accounts. The failure within Christianity and Islam was complete, and we made NO progress whatsoever and pulled our people back out. While these ones didn't suffer murder, you can imagine what they did suffer from bad mouthing, and the worst coming from within Christianity.

When the Magnetosphere collapses you will be flooded with a lot of radiation of several types. Thus we will move you into "Stasis" very rapidly whilst it is about to collapse.

Your Wind Stream, the "Solar Wind" as you label it has been very low for some time now. Your Sun is very quiet, but your Solar Wind was getting lower long before the last intense Solar Cycle. It will take little to finish the collapse of the Magnetosphere. A large Coronal Mass Ejection [Solar Flare] should do it.

It remains now to harvest the People. Who of you will be amongst them? As was reported by Archangel Michael through Candace, more than we originally expected but still less than we had always hoped for.

Christ does not come back to settle down on Worlds engaged in war - only those engaged in Goodness.

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