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23. 10 April 2009: Esu/Jesus: Further Update Regarding the Impending Pole Reversal - Candace

Christ Michael desires, on reviewing the situation with his advisers, to keep the Planet stable a tad longer, as best as we can, for it is not possible to do so forever, with the internal geophysical tension building and needing to be released at some point.

SOON, Beloveds, that is the essence of the message.

We have long ago made a decision that you will always be told what is about to happen, and this still applies, unless of course Mother Nature modifies it for us too.

This joint venture of Man and God to keep a civilisation on Earth throughout the Ascension would also become null and void. This is not your desire is it?? - I thought not.

All we are doing at this time is quieting the change a bit, so that the external rotation and internal rotation of the planet are synchronous which allows a slow and graceful stop of the rotation. This is close now. We shall dance this all with grace and perfect steps!

There would also be huge volcanic actions and electric changes that would keep our craft out too. So it was important to draw up some new plans with the various Galactic Forces since things are now more tightly coordinated.

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