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22. 30 March 2009: Christ MICHAEL comments on a "Clean Slate" for Earth – Evelyn Kümmerle

Any paradigm that we took into serious consideration has so far turned out to take longer than expected. Many do not really believe in this “game over” scenario. The Planet has been tightened into a seat belt, so to say, and we decided to give more slack to that seat belt.

You have discomfort as you feel the suffering of Mother Earth and you have discomfort looking at what the "New World Order" [put forward by the Dark Cabal] initiates to enslave you.

What we wish for is a “win-win” situation. The solution is a “dance” with Mother Earth, leading her the course that though leading to the Pole Reversal most quickly will cause the least possible havoc. Under the headline of “do it right the first time”, you would not really like to see this ending in a mess just because we tried to do it too quickly.

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