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21 Nov. 2008: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon – We are Preparing YOUR Way - through Candace

Dearly Beloveds, it is time for an update from myself. This has been a tumultuous month for all, including my Fleet. Many of you who read this are undergoing intense bodywork at night, in preparation for two purposes. One is so you can be dematerialized to the spacecraft rather than having to be stood in a levitation beam. The other is that many of you will during Stasis be gifted with new restructured bodies, looking exactly like you, based on your current DNA but improved as to what many of you label "Psychic" skills. This new body will vibrate considerably higher and thus be in better resonance with the Planet when you return. You will be free of disease and in many cases looking a bit younger, depending on your current age.

Before you can assume the restructured body, current aberrations in your DNA must be cleared, both from genetic damage and whatever you contributed through stress that you do not wish to carry to the new form. Many of you are exhausted and confused as the result of the bodywork. Many of you have also downloaded during this month, if not before your Higher Self, either your Monad or your Morontial Soul [see the Urantia Book]] depending on your status at this moment.

Those of you who are Angels or Ascending Sons within Nebadon have a Morontia Soul. Those Angels from realms beyond Nebadon, and those Ascending graduates of Nebadon or other Universes have a Monad [Higher Self]. Not to worry so much about what is what here, you will understand more during Stasis and we will have appropriate teaching after Stasis for the Planet around these topics.

Candace, for example, has a Monad [Higher Self/Thought Adjuster]. She downloaded this years ago, she can place the date. [May 2002 - Candace] She is an "Ascending Soul" and a graduate of The Isle of Paradise, becoming the role of a "Mighty Messenger". The entire AbundantHope Team is a mixture of Ascending and Descending Souls from Havona [the Central Universe of the Grand Universe and which surrounds the Paradise Isle]. Some of you may be also, but it matters not, it only matters to the future Service to Others. What matters also is that you are embodying your Soul, regardless of the original source of your Soul. This simply means that your body has been prepared to accept your Soul living within it.

Your Soul will affect your current DNA patterns, remodelling them and this is important to be finished before you enter your new restructured body, if that is what you will be doing. Some of you who are 40 or younger may have "come in" with already improved DNA and assuming a totally restructured body if you are otherwise healthy, may not be necessary. You can be remodelled a bit if necessary. Most of you 40 and older, even if you brought in some higher DNA are probably going to be offered a restructured body.

Most of the Lightworkers have chosen to be "Stay Behinds" [ongoing inhabitants of Planet Earth]. "Stay Behinds" chose this with intent to serve after Stasis. Those of you living in dangerous areas will be removed to a Mothership or underground for your safety. You might initially "sleep" there until it is time for you to awaken for the training that will begin during Stasis.

If you live in a safe area you will be brought aboard wherever your Angels and Guides have determined for you in advance, when the time is appropriate to do so. During the above events and the clean-up afterwards, some of the Lightworkers whom are still to be selected, will prepare the Plans and the Teaching.

Those of you to have restructured bodies will continue to be prepared for that during your sleeping during the early part of Stasis and even after you are lifted. It will vary for each individual when the time is right to enter the new form. Those of you who do not need a new form will continue your "remodelling" which is in the hands of your Guardian Angels. I thought it appropriate at this time to let you know of this idea so you can ponder on it.

The Stasis period may last as long as two years. It will last what it takes, and this is related to the clean up and some massive Earth Changes that will occur during it.

Rather than putting Mankind through a lot of different episodes of Earth Changes over say the next 100 years, we will do at least that much during Stasis. The Earth needs this to prepare for the eventual entry into "Monopolarity".

There must be considerably more changes other than will be made during the Stasis period, but this will spread over at least 25 years, during which Man may properly prepare for in advance. This thus allows also 25 years to get new technologies and the like in place that are necessary to the final Ascension when it occurs.
By the final Ascension in this case, I refer to going into the state of Monopolarity, which we estimate may take up to 50 years, but that is highly flexible. It would be best to have had enough Axis Changes and lands rising up and sinking to balance the landmasses around the equator before Monopolarity, but that is not a necessity. The greater necessity is the state of mind on the Planet, and also the technologies consistent with Monopolarity.

While Esu and Commander Ashtar identified about 1 million really advanced Souls capable of participating in the Stasis training period and returning to lead afterwards, 1 million is actually too many, so the cream of the crop will be around 100,000 selected from this group. Those not attending "Stasis Planning" will work however at the Soul level and will have a sense of serving when all is said and done, but these ones will generally be working at a lower level of responsibility.

We still do not know how many will be left on the Planet after the Stasis period is over, as that is solely determined by individual Soul choices and the effects of the increased energy activity on both the people and the higher animals, as to whether the physical form survives or not. Actually, all Life Forms on the Planet will be affected by the enhanced [4D] vibration-rate, and the removal of the Ozone layer.

There is at this time a consideration being made of whether there should be, just prior to going into Stasis, of a large "Show and Tell" of Spacecraft and subsequent media information, but this is NOT guaranteed. As regards Stasis, I will take the Planet into Stasis in relation to the current plan for the Jupiter "Ignition". I could let this "Ignition" happen, as we proposed last year, to occur prior to the Stasis event. People MUST wake up to what is going to happen. But the Planet is terribly polluted and we must first of all be about the business of healing the Planet, and this cannot be done at the present state of Humanity's awareness and tendency towards fear, right in front of the people.

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