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20. 22 March 2009: Esu/Jesus SANANDA Comments on the Magnetic Pole Reversal

"The construction of all Local Universes such as Nebadon is overseen by the special pre-Grand Universe Beings that design the physical elements that make a structural Universe possible. In creating Nebadon, Christ Michael acted in accordance with their guidance, although he initiated the idea for the unique and particular structure that his Universe took. His idea was approved as an extension of the Creator Source, and his plans were coordinated by those who make the Universes physically possible as a structural creation."

Earth was taken over during the Lucifer Rebellion and then put into "quarantine". The direct nourishment that alignment with Universal Truth normally brings was stopped to allow these new issues of rejection to work themselves out.

Earth was flexible to a remarkable extent, but the strength of the resistance to Christ Michael's concept exhausted her resources and brought her to the shape she is in today. Much as a physical person would be in your experience, she is unwilling to continue to accommodate the foreign elements and seeks to throw them off in the only way she can naturally. This process has been monitored and assisted for several years, always attempting to accommodate the needs of the inhabitants at the same time as Earth's most crucial needs were addressed. The resources of Earth are used up at this point, and a change is mandatory to continue to preserve the Planet.

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