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18. March 08, 2009: Esu/Jesus SANANDA Speaks on LuciFEAR, Anu, and Personal Responsibility - Jess

"I will explain how you got here and how your experience was impacted by foreign agents. Earth was a "Seed Planet", which means that Christ Michael was using this environment to condition and train Souls that would be moving ultimately to become "Creator Gods", a position such as he has occupied in his Local Universe creation of Nebadon."

The Souls that chose to incarnate here were special combinations of experience and experimentation in Universe building. Many had been involved with the creation of Nebadon, and these Souls sensed their purpose to be an extension of those experiences.

Earth became a microcosm of the Universe, but directed against the original designs of Christ Michael. It was oriented to the interests of Lucifer and Caligastia, and the Planet's original connection with Christ Michael's enlightened concepts of self-determination became spiritually detached and unaware.

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