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08. 9 September 2007: Esu/Jesus SANANDA speaks on Financial Changes - Jess Anthony

I will speak of the choices people on Earth can make in terms of their money situations and their living conditions. The Banks will be undergoing a transition, as has been described. Cash will not be readily available for a period of a few days. This will start as soon as we begin the announcement period probably 12 hours after everyone wakes up from the "Stasis Period". The initial surprise and bewilderment of many will be sinking in to a rational view of what has happened. News will be curtailed in many cases and explanations will be kept to a minimum. The uninformed conclusions will serve no positive purpose. This is controlling, yes, but ultimately practical. I must point out that the change is global, not just in America with its fifty States. The discussion here is almost exclusively on what will happen in this country, when in actuality every country on every continent will undergo a form of change. That is an enormous proposition, and one that has required this time to prepare and set in motion.

Everyone on Earth has agreed to their life plan before they came. Everyone's Higher Self knows what they have determined is their agenda. The choices of how to achieve this agenda are the variables you find as you live on Earth. There are many options you can choose that are determined by your personal discernment and preconditioning memories. These choices affect how your life is shaped. You each select a life pattern that allows you to explore your individual purpose in whatever way seems most appropriate for you alone. Your birth and your death pattern are selected as the most instructive method for your incarnation.

I say all of this because your perception of life after Stasis will be different. You will begin to see this bigger picture of Universal Truth with ever-increasing clarity. You will see why people are no longer here. You will see why you have remained, and you will see what your purpose is in staying. This Planet is going through a tremendous renewal and restoration. You are staying here because you have agreed to help with this process. This process demands cooperation and ingenuity. This is the talent and power you have - those of you who are here. You know more about living in this type of creation than anyone. Your job is to use this knowledge.

This involves finding ways to live that are more in tune with Earth. This involves finding means of rational cooperation with each other. If scarcity of resources or money becomes an issue, then determine what you personally can do about it. You have chosen to be in the situation you are in because you want to experience it. How will you do that and what will you discover and learn? Life is about learning and experiencing. Pleasure comes from experience that brings satisfaction and a sense of personal balance. You are happy because you are happy. Not because someone tells you that you are happy.

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